‘Find yourself, where no one else will’ – Thomas Despin’s Newest Adventure

Meditation and discovering your true self is a huge step towards personal development. When you’re equipped with a stressful profession such as entrepreneurship, it is highly recommended to give yourself time to revitalize yourself. Inner peace is an important component to discovering your path in life. Thomas Despin has incorporated this mantra into his latest venture. Amongst a few other notable contributions to the business world, he has now decided to establish Reconnect. Which he describes is his favorite adventure ever to date, and his first real estate project.

Reconnect is based in the Togean Islands located in the province of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The 2km wide island is given the name ‘Buka Buka’ and has been established as a sustainable eco-friendly resort. The island had been formerly unoccupied which enabled them to start from scratch. It maintains its environmental sustainability by various measures. They generate solar-powered electricity allowing maximum portability. The main source of water at the island is desalinated seawater ensuring an endless supply that is both free and safe. Desalinated seawater is also a major contributor to effective agricultural growth as they are responsible for planting their own food. The funds for the desalination plant were raised by private investors and a campaign that organized pre-bookings for trips on this lovely destination. 

Apart from all the sustainable techniques, Thomas Despin intends to contribute to the island both environmentally and to their community. The Togean Islands have been facing regular outbreaks of damage to the coral reef rendering them endangered. He is determined to relocate the coral reefs and transplant them to a viable location. Additionally, he is working on replanting forests in the region. This further adds weight to his eco-friendly aim to help this island thrive. These remote areas of Indonesia often hold communities that are deprived of their needs. The island has encouraged the local community to engage in its development, and hence providing them with a reliable livelihood. Furthermore, the island’s addition to the tourism industry will open a great deal of employment opportunities for the local communities. 

The Buka Buka Island provides numerous activities for the visitors. They will initiate with the placement of 6 glamping tents and 6 bungalows. These accommodations provide an authentic experience, 3 meals a day and boat trips amongst other amenities. They offer exciting activities like trekking, snorkeling amongst tropical fish, yoga, island hopping to explore the Togean Islands National Park, and permaculture workshops. The island further adds uniqueness to the experience by encouraging the guests to engage in daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning and farming.

Thomas Despin envisions a bright future for Buka Buka Island. He believes that by the end of 2020 he can fundamentally expand the island to include up to 20 accommodations. This expansion will further benefit the communities and certain investors. These investors are carefully picked with an efficient screening process to ensure maximum compatibility. He intends to continue expansion throughout 2021, and believes that the next big step would be the launch of satellite projects to reinforce sustainable investment opportunities. 

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