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Find Your Purpose and Everything Else Will Fall Into Place, Says Transformation Coach Jeremy Griffin




While we have more tools, resources, and free information at our disposal than ever before, more people than ever report feeling a lack of fulfilment or sense of alignment in their lives. In a way, the information overload and availability of resources has provided people with so many options, confusing them when it comes to feeling alignment with a strong sense of clarity and confidence. 

Whether people want to admit it or not, we are all tapped into a larger source of spiritual energy in life. Achieving an overarching purpose is essential to feeling happy and fulfilled in this lifetime. While we exist far away from this purpose, we feel defeated, exhausted, and unhappy, like nothing is going right. This unhappiness makes it harder for us to see reality with clarity and make decisions that are right for ourselves and our purposes. 

So many people go onto start businesses, launch ideas, and innovate still without feeling this essential alignment component.  They take the time to learn about their conscious mind (about 99% of business coaches are teaching tactics and strategies that only consider this part of the mind), while completely ignoring something much more important: the subconscious mind. 

“Our brains are incredible machines, that operate with both a conscious pilot, as well as an autopilot. This autopilot is known as our subconscious mind, and it can process thousands of thoughts and triggers per minute. Our subconscious is there to help us weed through information, stay safe, and perceive any threats. While we focus solely on our conscious mind, we are ignoring the most important driver in our lives: our subconscious,” said Griffin. 

The State of Alignment

Griffin works with coaches to help them explore their subconscious and enter into powerful states of alignment so they can really harness their natural ability and focus. More importantly, diving into the subconscious mind helps people unearth traumas and self-sabotaging patterns that are habitually impacting their potential. 

“Without the ability for consistent internal reflection, people are not aware that they are in fact, sabotaging themselves every single day on the job,” said Griffin. “Whether it’s fear of success, fear of failure, or something much deeper and personal, these patterns can be addressed, isolated, and resolved if a person is willing to unearth the uncomfortable.”

Griffin helps students explore the deeper parts of their mind while teaching them to assume responsibility for the state of their lives and move onto unlocking what their divine purpose was destined to be. He takes a multifaceted and holistic approach to both life & business, focusing on transforming the individual from the inside-out. By changing the subconscious beliefs and internal sense of identity, Griffin helps students create a foundation of ‘why’ from which they can build the rest of their lives. 

Griffin is known for being an extremely influential mentor and personal transformation specialist, touted for his out-of-the-box thinking and holistic integration methods. He believes that the mind, body, and soul work best in alignment, and can only achieve that kind of clarity with reflection, hard work, and an open mind.

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