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Experts Share Their Opinion on Whether Tutoring is Illegal in California or Not




Californian Assembly Bill 5 legislation came into effect in 2020 to reclassify independent contractors as employees. It created confusion in tutors’ minds about their classification. Moreover, it also sprouted a doubt in parents’ minds.

Many parents have got confusion whether tutoring is illegal in California or not. In order to end the confusion on this subject, many experts have shared their opinion on this very subject.

According to them, the main reason behind this confusion is the inability of people to understand the state law properly. They exhort everyone to properly go through the AB-5 law to comprehend it clearly.

Experts say that only independent teachers who teach their own subjects are exempt from this law. On the other hand, public tutors are classified as employees under this law. It simply means that parents need to give them employee benefits.

Many parents have expressed their disagreement about this law and they are asking the California governor to exempt in-home tutors from it. During the Covid-19 pandemic, it has now become very difficult for them to take care of their child’s education.

Moreover, the new AB-5 law has made it even more difficult for them to consult in-home tutors in some cases. Regarding this, experts have expressed that tutoring in California is legal but parents, as well as tutors, need to adhere to guidelines mentioned in the AB-5 law.

They say parents need to research properly to know the nature of the tutoring structure. They also need to clarify whether a private tutor is categorized as an employee or independent contractor.

The same applies to tutoring companies as well. So, tutoring is legal in California but parents & tutors need to consider the AB-5 law in this context.

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