Exclusive Interview with Puneet Sidhu – Chandigarh’s Top Personal Fitness Trainer

Chandigarh, India – We Conducted an exclusive interview with a Personal Trainer from Chandigarh, Puneet Sidhu, who has recently shot to fame after his client’s transformation photos went viral on Instagram. We asked some very basic questions we thought his fans and followers would love to know.

Here is the snippet of the interview.

How would you describe your Experience in the Fitness Industry?
Its been really nice and, there is a learning curve. I am still learning. I have learned a lot from the top coaches in USA 🇺🇸.

What is your basic training philosophy?
Eat clean. Stay lean. And train smart. Keep nutrition your topmost priority and be consistent.

Compared to other trainers, do you do anything differently to keep your clients motivated?
I keep a day to day check with my clients regarding workouts and diet. I even monitor their cardio activities daily.

What do you see as your greatest strength? Weakness?
My passion for fitness drives me a lot and its my greatest strength. I want to help as many people as possible. Not being able to help everyone is my weakness.

What are the professional goals you wish to achieve in 5-10 years?
To help people all over the globe to achieve their fitness goal and be happy with their physique.

What Kind of Clients are your Favourite Clients?
I love clients who are dedicated and who are up for a change and ready to listen and have two-way communication. Recently, I am most proud of my client who competed in Mr. Olympia 2019 held last year.

How Many Clients have you Worked with Till Now?
I have Transformed more than 300 clients worldwide. I post pictures of all my client transformations regularly on my Instagram. You can check them all out over there.

Transformation Pic of Harman Sidhu, Trained by Puneet Sidhu

Do you have any training tips for people who can not afford a personal trainer?
Do any physical activity for 45 mins a day. Try to walk 10,000 steps per day. Eat fewer carbohydrates at dinner.


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