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Entrepreneur Austin Zelan Develops Blueprint for Investors Aiming Financial Freedom




Before finding his way to entrepreneurship and investments, Austin Zelan was someone else’s corporate soldier, much like most individuals who end up in the 9-5 career lifestyle. But even after excelling in corporate America, he knew that there was more to his life than punching the clock and serving someone else’s dream. 

Austin Zelan is a financial education expert focused on helping his students turn their wildest dreams into their everyday reality. Realizing that the ordinary path to success is not for him, he took a leap of faith in investments and trading. Unfortunately, Austin had to learn the ropes of the industry through the experience without a mentor to show him a blueprint. As a result, he had to go through multiple trials and errors until he eventually got the hang of it. Today, he aims to be the mentor he wishes he had when he first started as an investor and made a lasting impact on his students’ lives.

His passion for changing others’ lives through investments and trading simply began when he leveraged the power of the digital space to provide people from all walks of life across the globe with financial education programs. Since then, Austin Zelan has catered to both beginner and seasoned investors who want to change their lives through financial freedom. Austin knows all too well that investments are one of the best ways for one to achieve financial autonomy, more so if one starts early on in life. Through his company, Westgate Fund, he is able to provide students with much-needed tools that kick start their journey as investors.

Westgate Fund aims for nothing less than its students achieving financial freedom. Pulling from his own experiences, Austin Zelan was able to equip many individuals who wanted to turn their lives around. “I was able to arm the beginner investor with the tools they needed to conquer today’s markets and come out profitable in a consistent manner,” shared the expert. “The path to financial freedom was laid out in front of them. I gave them the tools they needed to succeed, and they simply had to take action. I am proud to see what my students are able to  accomplish once they graduate from my academy,” Austin added further.

Furthermore, as a firm believer of how the right investments can transform one’s lifestyle, Austin Zelan also developed strategies where he can provide clients with the total package to start investing, such as getting funded with the necessary capital and bringing them into a community of like-minded individuals. Because of this, Westgate Fund sets itself higher than other institutions in the field as it goes above and beyond merely educating its students and truly puts them in a position where they can scale their success. 

“I love to personally make sure that each and every client is delivered more value than they could have ever imagined. I don’t just want them to be happy; I want their mind to be blown by how much success they can see with our tools and systems. I want to make their dreams come true—that’s really the ultimate goal of this,” said Austin Zelan. “I want their wildest dreams to become an everyday reality.”

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