Elite Influencer Morgan Lux Shares How to Maintain a Powerful Social Media Presence

As someone who has built their Instagram to the million-follower mark not once, but twice- Lux has mastered social media growth

Social media is often referred to as a highlight reel for people to document their happiest and most glamorous moments. For spectators, the life of an influencer may seem like a life of luxury and ease, but rarely do we get to see the reality and hard work that goes into being a successful influencer. Afterall, influencers choose what they want the public to see, but for Morgan Lux, being real with her followers has enabled her to build an extremely powerful presence in the social media space with over a million loyal followers across multiple platforms.

Since pursuing a career in social media, Morgan has been able to generate a six-figure career and build multiple companies. Recently, it landed her a role on “Men of West Hollywood”, an upcoming reality television show airing in the near future. She has also moved into the world of stocks and has begun investing to diversify her income and to further establish a financially secure future.

Although Morgan has found great success through social media and entrepreneurship, it didn’t come easy by any means. Morgan struggled growing up in an unstable household and found herself constantly battling from things such as homelessness, abuse, and depression. She decided to change the course of her life, graduating high school a year early to enter the workforce so that she could afford to live on her own. It was after a brief run pursuing culinary arts that Morgan decided to pursue social media full time. Before this, social media was just a hobby Morgan had which she began at just sixteen years old with the creation of her Instagram. She put her passion and relentless work ethic into building her first social media platform, and the rest became history.

Morgan is among the most prominent social media influencers today and often shares the key components needed to differentiate yourself from others in the industry while also building a strong online presence.

Consistency- Consistency is key when it comes to social media. Be consistent in every aspect- planning your content, posting, and learning new trends as well as your audience. Social media is constantly evolving, and because of this it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve and jump on opportunities when they present themselves.

Mindset- Keep a confident and positive mindset at all times. Don’t doubt yourself or be afraid to try things for the sake of what others may think or say, and never let anything hold you back from being the greatest version of yourself. The industry can be very cutthroat at times and it’s important to stray from the negativity and focus on your goals.

Network- It’s imperative to build a network of motivated and diverse individuals. Having a team with different skills but similar goals will ultimately help to build and support one another. Don’t stop putting yourself out there, as going to events, photo shoots, and festivals will help you make connections which may create opportunities.

Morgan’s success in the social media industry has enabled her to lead a career with the freedom to create content she enjoys all while being able to travel the world. Despite her tremendous success online, Morgan strives to inspire others long after her career on social media. She hopes her legacy is one that shows others that no matter what background you have come from in life, it’s possible to do whatever you set your mind to.

Readers can keep with Morgan Lux on her Twitter, or follow her on her Instagram.

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