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Edward Gant Conscientiously Balances Business Savvy and Personal Accountability




Edward Gant is consciously improving the industries he operates within with passion and expertise. He has experienced a lot of growth and achieved many successes. Edward is an educated, self-made entrepreneur with a positive attitude. He is currently the CEO of several businesses. Edward hasn’t changed in terms of who he is or the values he has. He is constantly trying to become a better version of himself for the people that helped him through the years. Edward was an only child growing up, and he got endless attention, love, and support from his parents and grandparents. His natural inclinations toward business aspects were fostered. Even as a child, he would trade and exchange toys with others.

Edward is now living in the UK and LA permanently and has been there since 2009 after finishing university in Athens, Greece as a Civil Engineer. When Edward first relocated to London, he continued his studies, focusing on Business Psychology while he set up his first company. He uses all the skills and knowledge he has accumulated to optimize the projects and businesses he spearheads. In 2015, together with his girlfriend, Edward started a company specializing in the restoration and resale of antique Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks from the 19th and 20th century with over 700 trunks being restored and sold to this day @lvtrunk. These treasure chests are masterpieces.

His father was also inspiring to him and instilled a reverence for the ocean in Edward. Edward’s father was a pioneer in the seafood industry with sustainable practices and growing alternative markets back in the 1990s. His father was passionate about fishing and the oceans and was always dedicated to making a difference in the way the fish stocks are being managed and the ways our oceans can be saved long before it became a global necessity. The torch was passed on to Edward and he is taking it to the next level.

Since 2010, Edward has been deeply involved in new ideas in the seafood industry. Since 2012, Edward has been considered a specialist in sashimi grade tuna trading. He has been supplying the most well-known sushi restaurants in the UK, Europe, and UAE. Right now, Edward is dealing with Brexit and having to constantly adjust to the fast-changing market needs, mainly due to the lockdown restrictions around the world. Challenging yourself to get better all the time is what cultivates the strength to face adversity which can come at any point in life. Edward is currently CEO and shareholder @ UK SEAFOOD.

Edward is also CEO and co-owner @ HADID Caviar and @ HADID Wine. In 2018, Edward started gathering information and making deals with farms around the world in order to establish the first celebrity caviar brand “HADID Caviar” together with his long-time friend and well-known entrepreneur, Mohamed Hadid. They branch out constantly as a dynamic duo all the while the company donates 5% of their net profits to amfAR. Edward also gives back on a personal note; he is registered to many charities in the UK, especially for animals and stray dogs in the UK and USA – helping them financially on a monthly basis.

HADID Caviar has already been endorsed by celebrities like Dua Lipa, Martha Stewart, Kris Jenner, and John Stamos. HADID Caviar launched in 2020 and has become very successful within the first year of launching, being sold in the iconic Harrods Luxury Department Store in London and in hotels and restaurants like Atelier Robuchon, Jumeirah Hotels, La Cantine Group, La Petite Maison, La Guerité, Medusa and GAIA. New products under the HADID Caviar brand are on the way soon.

Recently, Edward and Mr. Hadid have partnered up once again for “HADID Wine”. What they both do best is the finer things, so stay tuned. HADID Wine will be available for purchasing shortly with an extended range of red, rose and white wines, and an alternative caviar lounge concept is on the list for 2022! Connect with Edward on instagram @iamedgant for updates on his ventures and values!

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