Dr. McPherson Shedding Light on the Importance of Mental Health

A healthy body and a healthy mind work together to enhance the quality of life of an individual. When discussing mental and physical health, it is crucial not to view these as two separate parts. Poor physical health directly impacts a person’s mental health, which is openly accepted and proved.

Traditionally, mental health has always been a taboo in the society. Either it isn’t taken seriously and completely ignored, or the people suffering through a mental illness are labeled as crazy. People going through it are reluctant to seek professional help. They try to stay under the ‘radar.’

With a new base of evidence emerging, there has been a slight acceptance of this issue. It has led to significant changes in the way mental healthcare professionals approach patients. These changes are against society’s conventional beliefs yet are providing the field of mental healthcare amazing benefits. The professionals with a new ‘mindset’ and approach diagnose the issue and give the patient a safe space where they don’t have to be scared of not accepting or embracing their emotions or feelings.

Dr. Jonell L. McPherson recognized and acknowledged on both local and international platforms, belongs to those dedicated professionals who approach patients with a diverse mindset. Her focus is on the way individuals are affected by the way they treat themselves and others around them. Due to emotional and mental instability, these individuals rely on others for their mental wellbeing. Keeping this in mind, Dr. McPherson laid the foundations of a mental wellness center, Wellness Transformational Centre, LLC (WTC) in Queens, N.Y.

Aiding the Mental Wellbeing of Those in Need

WTC, founded and run by Dr. McPherson, enlightens people by creating awareness through Life Skills Training (Thinking, Behaving Emotional Skills, etc.). WTC helps in developing essential skills in both individuals and systems. Besides being the founder of WTC, Dr. McPherson, is a Clinical Therapist at MHH Clinical Services.

Wellness Transformational Center, LLC, has been operational since January 2019. It was founded after extensive research, hard work, and dedication. Spreading awareness about mental health was Dr. Jonell L. McPherson’s true calling, and WTC is how she has decided to respond to it.

WTC is a health and educational center that revolves around creating a balance between a person’s mind, body, heart, and soul. Wellness Transformational Center acts as a propeller, empowering individuals and systems to develop skills necessary to help them get along with themselves and others.  Teaching others how to respond rather than react shifts their perspectives rather than live by beliefs/stigmas/values that do not empower or develop their lives. 

Spreading Awareness, Helping People Live a Happy and Healthy Life

The mindset and thinking mechanism one lives with, have the power to impact their feelings and behavior, and contribute to the overall personality type. In pursuing a self-actualized state of mental wellness, one’s mental health must be optimized through mindful lifestyle choices free of cognitive dissonance.

Mental health holds importance in every sphere of life. Dr. McPherson’s WTC welcomes people from diverse backgrounds while treating them equally, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, age, or profession.

Having more than 18 years of experience in the field, Dr. McPherson has dealt with individuals with various mental illnesses. While working closely with people affected by different circumstances, she understands the significance of mental health. With her experience and expertise in this regard, Dr. McPherson believes it is her responsibility to share wisdom with the world. For this purpose, she emphasizes the development of vital personality elements that include the mindset, behavior, emotion, along with life skills.

A Dynamic Approach towards Mental Wellbeing

Teaching an individual and others around them the right way to treat themselves and others by following the chain of thoughts is the core principle of Dr. McPherson’s dynamic approach. The activity of noticing what one agrees to accepts, endures, and obliges to is observed, which further aids in figuring out where a change is required.

The phycological impact of an unwanted situation, at any point in time, is severe. Dr. McPherson believes that ‘a shift in the perspective is required when undergoing an unexpected circumstance. The best possible approach to take, if a person cannot reverse the situation, is to make amends in one’s outlook.

Led by Dr. McPherson, WTC offers emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual services to encourage high levels of mental wellness among patients. She not only stresses the importance of mental health but also helps individuals deal with their mental illness and further guides them to build a strong mindset to get through any circumstantial crisis.

Most people in the world have perceived notions of fears which fuel conditions of stress, anxiety, and depression in them. Dr. McPherson holds the viewpoint of ‘Thinking Well, Doing Well and Living Free.’ She encourages people to base their life upon this notion as it is an essential life skill that helps keep one’s mental health intact. With an experience of almost two decades in this profession, she tells people always to keep a positive view of life.

By putting her theory into practice, Dr. McPherson’s contribution to spreading awareness about mental wellbeing and mental health cannot be overlooked. She has done tremendous work in her line of profession. For years, she has served individuals with diverse mental states and environments, shedding light on the importance of mental health. Her efforts in the field of counseling and education are immeasurable. It is the dedication of people like Dr. McPherson that inspire, empower, and enlighten others, making a mindful difference in the world.

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