DickPrint Named Best Underwear for Athletes

When quality meets comfort and style, you have the trifecta of fashion. DickPrint, one of the hottest brands in men’s underwear, has accomplished this goal, and they have the award to prove it.

DickPrint has been named the winner of the prestigious Best Underwear For Athletes Award by our writers. Deemed a luxurious and sexy option for men who appreciate the finer things, DickPrint has expanded their reach to include a level of comfort that even athletes can appreciate.

So, what’s the big deal? How can one brand hit so many targets? It’s a combination of aspects the team at DickPrint proudly stands behind.

Quality fabrics

Luxe Life Classic and Boxer Briefs are made with a perfect combination of cotton, modal, and a hint of spandex. Modal, a lightweight, stretchy, and breathable fabric made from beech tree pulp is the key ingredient. DickPrint boxer briefs feel great because this human-made fabric provides the movement athletes love. And the guys at DickPrint feel good about using this product in their material because it’s eco-conscious. Other appealing features for athletes include its durable nature and ability to withstand excessive wear and tear.

DickPrint underwear also has athletes in mind when it comes to staying drier. The breathable fabric in their boxer briefs keeps hard-working athletes cool, dry, and comfortable through their entire workout or performance. When the hard work is done, and it’s time to relax, men who choose DickPrint boxer briefs for athletics will choose them again for their luxury and style as their everyday brand.

Let’s not overlook the quality DickPrint t-shirts. Endorsements from valued customers frequently say these t’s are the best they’ve ever worn. Athletes love their durability and lightweight nature. The superior fabric is similar to the briefs with modal as a ‘not so secret’ ingredient. Among other advantages mentioned above, DickPrint briefs and t’s with modal wash like a dream. Athletes and average guys alike can appreciate a fabric that recovers from excessive sweat stains and getting thrown in a gym bag only to look brand new the next time you wear it.

Masculine styles

Let’s be real – changing in the locker room is a pretty ordinary, everyday experience. But if you’re the guy wearing a DickPrint t-shirt and boxer briefs, others will take notice. For one thing, it’s difficult to ignore the name ‘DickPrint’ blasted across the wide comfort-waistband.

Beyond the name is the style. There is nothing ordinary and mundane about DickPrint underwear, which come in an array of solid colors and masculine prints. Black and brown tiger stripes, snakeskin, zebra print – all incredibly masculine to help channel the wild side.

It might not be a ‘thing’ to ask another guy about his underwear, but those who see DickPrint for the first time are most likely going to look it up.

Unwavering confidence

Every athlete can attest that mindset plays a significant role in performance. Competing with a confident attitude, exponentially increases your chances of winning. And it’s no secret that getting your head in the game means blocking out all distractions. Therefore, comfort is a must. Feeling good and knowing you look good are two of the biggest confidence boosters contributing to a winning mindset. Just another reason DickPrint wins the Best Underwear for Athletes Award, and more proof that the DickPrint brand should be your go-to athletic wear.

You get what you pay for

DickPrint is a premium brand aimed at making all men look good and feel confident. The quality of all of their menswear is one reason athletes choose this high-end brand. Premium fabrics and exceptional design make DickPrint styles cost more than your dull, pinching, scratchy briefs. But you know that saying, “You get what you pay for”? This motto is especially true in this case. DickPrint knows their award-winning products are worth every penny – it’s time to experience luxury, comfort, and style.

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