David Seruya about the competencies that made Total Home Protection successful

This interview with David Seruya, CEO of Total Home Protection, covers the competencies that led to the success of Total Home Protection. The company ensures what is probably the essential thing in the existence of a family: peace of mind, calm, and security. The firm can quickly find a solution for almost all problems with minimal costs.

Total Home Protection was founded in 2005 by David Seruya, a brave young man of only 25 years old. He learned how to run and develop the company step by step. He made mistakes that he corrected and from which he learned. He trained and perfected all the qualities necessary for a good leader. We will talk about some of the competencies that allowed him to improve his managerial skills.

What are the criteria for which you recommend Total Home Protection as the best company in the field?

David Seruya: There are several reasons why Total Home Protection is the ideal solution for any family that wants to be safe from small or large problems that may occur at home. We offer two home warranty plans: Gold Plan and Platinum Plan. Both cover the leading systems and appliances; Platinum Plan supplies extensive services. Friendly customer service 24/7 solves client problems in no time. The leading team carefully selects every technician; only a well-trained and certified technician can be part of our teams. Total Home Protection covers every repairs or replacement, without considering the damaged equipment price.

As a young entrepreneur, how did you manage to form and lead these teams of professionals

David Seruya: I carefully selected only certified technicians based on their CV, references, and, sometimes, my intuition. The supervisors’ choice is the most difficult.  Supervising one colleague can generate issues, and I managed to help the supervisors to overcome sensitive situations. I always consider the technicians’ productivity and their organizational culture.

It is almost impossible to avoid all labor disputes. How did you manage to solve them so that the teams work in a friendly environment?

David Seruya: It is essential to find the conflict source. We talk patiently with both parties and collaborate in a friendly manner to find a win-win solution. I know that unsolved problems can damage the team activities and lead to significant issues. My emotional intelligence is an essential skill. It is an innate gift that cannot be learned. Emotional intelligence helps me to improve interpersonal relationships. I cannot lead a team to success without empathy and patience.  This competence has developed over the years devoted to Total Home Protection and my family. I have many responsibilities that I must face, and I know how to avoid burnout.

It is time to talk about the importance of your skills as a great communicator

David Seruya: It is vital to have excellent verbal and written communication skills to manage employees. I need to create an organized structure to send the proper information to each compartment.

The communication with the employees is vital. I must often use my skills to find the right way to communicate with my employees in a delicate situation. During the Covid-19 period, our activity suffered the same restrictions as many firms all over the world. In certain zones, the business stopped, without affecting the technician income. Everything comes to regular these days.

I am convinced that my communication skills, my empathy, my emotional intelligence are the base of my technician team’s success.

Sometimes teams of technicians must deal with many requests in a short time. They must collaborate very well to be efficient. Have you thought about team buildings to help technicians relax and become friends?

David Seruya: As a manager of Total Home Protection, I share our primary goals and vision with the employees. It is vital to help every technician to become part of a team, to collaborate better with his colleagues. Therefore, I organize, from time to time, team building events. First, I set the goals; then, I set up the budget. I call my collaborators to find the proper time and location.

The most popular team building events happen outdoor. Sometimes the weather forces us to remain indoors, but the game can be exciting too. A few volunteers help me organize the event. They have great ideas and often make it possible to get out of our comfort zone.

It is vital to have excellent customer service. What are the qualities that will help you to improve customer service permanently?

David Seruya: I learned to be a good coach. Inexperienced technicians receive help from me almost all the time. I like to share my knowledge and share my understood experience. It is the way for my new colleagues to find their weaknesses and improve their skills. I make efforts to train the new technicians because it is vital to respond quickly and offer practical help to our clients. In the meantime, the technicians also develop their problem-solving skills. Their knowledge must be updated because the change is essential to move steadily forward.

When I have significant problems to solve, I delegate the coaching tasks to one of the experienced employees. It increases their job responsibilities and may improve the organization’s strategy.

Please tell me more about the most critical task that concerns you now

David Seruya: I am doing my best to find what motivates my employees and find how to support their initiatives.  I use my resources to discover how to create the best work environment for my technicians. 

Are your client testimonials favorable? Did you find an exciting proposal or idea in their thoughts?

David Seruya: The testimonials are a good source of ideas for improving our work, and when they are favorable, they are proof that the efforts we make every day have paid off. Total Home Protection plans are not available nationwide. Many testimonials ask us to offer reliable coverage everywhere in our country. Customers testify that they saved energy and time with Total Home Protection; the costs are competitive, and the service prompt and effective.

Some happy clients recommend Total Home Protection to their friends and families, as a good company. Clients had satisfying, positive experiences. Total Home Protection replaces the broken items with no charge or for minimal fees.

The testimonials help to build out prestige. I am happy to find that our site, the result of my work as a designer, is user friendly. Many comments are proof that the website works well and offers without much effort all required information.

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