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D. Myke Shares the Secrets to Breaking Into the Music Industry




Looking back at his life, musician, entrepreneur, and rap artist D. Myke doesn’t have any regrets. “I feel like my story, along with where I’ve come from, makes me different. I have a very strong belief that there are very few who could have taken my path and come out the way I did.” What does he mean by that? Well, he’s been poor, homeless, robbed, jumped and set up by people who he thought were friends. He’s been bullied by his own family. He’s slept at the park or in his car. He’s had to sell drugs, steal from the grocery store just to eat, and overcome drug addiction.

The list goes on and on, but what all these things have done is given him the drive and the desire to become one of the premier up-and-coming rap artists around. D. Myke proudly says, “My music career is really taking off. Every day I am waking up to conference calls between lawyers and managers trying to ink deals.”

D. Myke gives us his advice on how to break into the music industry:

Get up off your a**

“You can’t just talk about what you are going to do, you need to do it!” D. Myke says. “Don’t just post videos and hope you’ll get followers. Get out there and make yourself known.”

Invest in yourself

“If you are wanting to be the best rapper in the world, then you need to get the right kind of equipment,” suggests D. Myke. “Not only do you need the right mixing board and microphone, but you also need the right kind of camera for your Tik-Tok and Instagram videos.”

Believe in yourself

“There are going to be a lot of haters out there: telling you that you aren’t good enough or trying to tear you down.” D. Myke encourages future artists to keep their eyes focused on their goals and drown out the background noise.

Find out what you’re good at now

“Find out what you’re good at sooner rather than later.” If you write better than you sing or perform, then do that. Songwriters can make a lot of money in this business too. “The key,” D. Myke suggests, “is to devote yourself relentlessly!”

Never give up until the goal is accomplished

“Too many people start strong and then give up once things get hard.” D. Myke points out that people interested in making it big, no matter what they want to do in life, is to “never give up until the goal is accomplished.”

Trust your gut

“You know yourself, what you’re good at and what you need to do better,” says D. Myke. “The trick is to trust your gut, and go for it!”

Ignore the Haters

“I already said this before, but there are going to be people who only want to bring you down. Get them out of your life now!” says D. Myke. “Don’t let others’ opinions of you keep you from what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s your dream, not theirs. Don’t quit and keep pushing forward.”

With his debut album set to be released, D. Myke points out how following these steps have made him a force to be reckoned with. “I am a different kind of monster when it comes to reaching my goals. I’m relentless. I’m dedicated and I do not fuck around when it comes to my business. I’m extremely serious about everything that I do, and this shit Is not a game to me. I have heart, I have soul, and I have passion. Nobody talks like me, walks likes me, looks like me, acts like me, works like me, hustles like me, dresses like me, or makes music like me. What I’m doing is special. I’m a diamond in the rough, and nobody can duplicate what I got going on.”

Listen to D. Myke here

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