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In honor of the new app Women Uplifting Women, I sat down with Cloe Luv to talk about some of the ways the app empowers and connects women to get an inside peek at the mastermind behind the service. A big piece of the story is how she got connected with a woman online by fate, that became a close friend and business partner.

You mentioned meeting one of the business partners online, what app did you meet her through and how long was it until you met?

Cloe: Yes, I met Jordan Emanual on Instagram (@jordy_jor). The funny story behind that is I was reaching out to women about my Women with Voices movement and I was looking for writers, bloggers, and journalists through hashtags. I started a conversation with a woman, she loved the idea, and then I noticed some glitch in my app. I messaged her again and she wanted to meet up. We met a few days later, I was really excited to meet her. When I met her, I told her she doesn’t look like her picture. She said she did some modeling, but I felt like she looked like a completely different person. When I checked my messages again, I had one from a woman named Jasmine asking what happened to our meeting? I was like…wait, what’s going on? So, apparently, when I had a glitch in the app some type of destiny glitch as I call it happened. I was messaging both Jordan and Jasmine and they looked similar and I went back into the conversation with Jordan, thinking she was Jasmine. Jordan was open to meeting up as if we were speaking the whole time [laughs]. I called Jordan back and told her that’s why she looked so different to me. Her response was “well, I’m here now,” [laughs] and the rest is history! It was destiny that brought us together.

Did you connect with Jasmine again after all that?

Cloe: I never spoke to Jasmine again, unfortunately. I should probably look for her! But Jordan and I have been going strong since and we’ve accomplished some amazing things.

What are you working on with her now?

Cloe: We always accomplish great things together, and we are working on a few things right now as well. That relationship was built from a social media platform and being able to see that, and how valuable her friendship is to me, inspired me to create a platform where other women can get that same opportunity.

Go to or download Women Uplifting Women today to connect with your next friend, business partner, and supporter.

To contact Cloe Luv visit or her IG page Cloeluv

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