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Cam Carter Is Getting Ready To Release Something Big




Los Angeles based artist Cam Carter has been making moves in the music industry. His background in business came from his studies at the University of Mississippi where we graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Economics. He is currently working on his debut album “Halo Into Hell”.

Cam Carter has music available on all platforms and is also the author of “Make Love, Not History: a modern declaration of our global cry for peace” a rhapsody inspired by a dream, Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy,” and Sandro Botticelli‘s “Map of Hell”.

Cam Carter deeply admires the great writers and creative thinkers of this world. Not only has he studied the greats, he has written songs and pieces that blend and defy genres and he is beginning to build a legacy of his own. He wrote a poem in jail called “Make Love, Not History”. Cam said, “It’s a poem. The entire thing rhymes and it is beautiful, happy, dark, scary, it basically plays off emotions and drags you through places to show people a more modern way of what we are becoming.”

“Make Love, Not History” has an interesting story both as a work itself and how it was created. Cam Carter woke up sweating from a dream, grabbed a legal pad, started writing, and it eventually ended up in a desk. Three years later, he read it and started crying. He believes it to be his most impressive work to date because to this day he doesn’t understand how he wrote it.

“Make Love, Not History” is 100 pages and combines the elements of prose and verse. As it drags the reader through the darkest places of mankind, you’ll soon begin to realize that mankind isn’t all that kind. This rhapsody paints a road through our turmoil towards justice and love.

Cam Carter said, “I just held the pen, and it almost wrote itself. I remember when I was reading through it years later, I had to look up certain words in a dictionary and I couldn’t believe that the words fit so well, yet I had no clue what they meant. It was almost like something inside me wrote it and I definitely believe it to be a rare work of art that people can enjoy for hundreds of years.”

Here is a little excerpt from the poem:

<page 8>

“If we teach the world to smile again instead of hustle every scheme. We can recycle, reduce, reuse-every unanswered dream, and save billions from the sky and save our future’s gasoline; caress the sands of time, tuck them in an angel’s wing; make it safe enough where any little kid can swing, without wax or Superman or supervision in between. Let us use what we learn to cultivate hope by any means. Without this increase of knowledge, decreasing all our strength. Raise awareness like a prophet by shining emphasis on things, instead of plotting for a profit, let us teach the world to think.

We must rise towards tomorrow and make this day a memory. We must always stick together and remain in harmony. We must live for this occasion to make peace less make believe. We must start and revolution and Make Love, Not History.”

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