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Brain Tumor Treatment Options




How exactly the brain tumor will be treated depends on such factors as age, medical history, previous cases of oncology, current health condition, the type, location, and size of the tumor, the probability of its spread or recurrence.

Treatment methods

Main treatment options for brain tumors are:

  • Surgery (biopsy, craniotomy, MRI-guided laser ablation, neuro endoscopy).
  • Radiation therapy (conventional radiotherapy, proton therapy, IMRT).
  • Chemotherapy.

It is vital to understand that all tumors found in the brain are dangerous, but not all of them are cancerous. A tumor is considered benign if it does not expand to other brain structures and does not metastasize. So why treat it?

The benign tumor often remains undetected due to the absence of severe symptoms. Nevertheless, even the benign tumor causes inflammation of the rest brain structures.

Benign tumors are not considered to be the immediate threat, so in case of their presence watchful waiting or brain tumor surgery alone is carried out.

Malignant tumors, on the other hand, are life-threatening. They usually increase in size rapidly and spread to healthy parts of the brain.

Usually, surgery is not enough to fight malignant tumors. Frequently, doctors apply radiation therapy or chemotherapy to improve the treatment success rates or may recommend clinical trials, if any are available at the moment.

The symptoms depend largely upon where the tumor is located and how big it is, and how fast or slowly it grows.

Brain tumor diagnostics represents a challenge. It’s very rare that a person with the most common symptoms has a brain tumor. But if the symptoms are relentless, the person will often get the scan done.

A big part of the diagnosis is the result of an MRI or CT scan. Just by looking at those initial pictures, it’s possible to get an idea of what the outcome is going to turn out to be. Once the scan is done, it is often necessary to perform a biopsy and get the tumor material for further research. When circumstances allow, it is preferable to take out as much of the tumor as possible.

Brain cancer patients with stage 1 or 2 fight cancer 60% of the time. At the later stages and with inoperable tumors, about 30% of patients live longer than 5 years.

Are there any other types of brain tumor treatment?

When treating a patient, doctors conduct procedures that were proved effective in a particular clinical situation. The more accurately the conditions are treated, the higher the possibility to achieve desired results. If there’s a deviation of a protocol, there’s also a fear to worsen the condition of the patient.

In this regard, clinical trials are the resources of innovation in clinical research. Patients are usually suggested to search for available clinical trials after they receive the news about specifics of their diagnosis. This allows them to pick suitable options for them while working with physicians to plan the treatment. Clinical trials can help patients with different stages of the disease and different types of brain tumors.

Cost of treatment for brain cancer

The cost of brain tumor treatment depends on the chosen country, the hospital, required procedures, whether performed alone or in combination, types of brain tumors, the specifics of health condition, etc.

Brain tumor surgery cost usually varies from 14,000 EUR to 30,000 EUR.

Radiotherapy cost varies from 13,500 EUR to 70,000 EUR, depending on the radiotherapy type.

Chemotherapy cost varies from 24,000 EUR to 30,000 EUR.

Best hospitals for brain tumor treatment

We understand how important it is to receive proper care in such a special condition. That is why Booking Health selects hospitals to work with very carefully. The main criteria are advanced technological base, most experienced clinicians, and high rates of treatment success.

We created a list of the best hospitals for brain cancer treatment for you to pick the best medical facility for your diagnosis:

  1. University Hospital Muenster, Germany
  2. Charite University Hospital Berlin, Germany
  3. University Hospital HM Monteprincipe Madrid, Spain
  4. University Hospital for Neurosurgery Salzburg, Austria
  5. University Hospital Freiburg, Germany

If you want to know more, leave a request on the Booking Health website and we’ll provide you with all information necessary.

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