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Astute knowledge and determination to succeed have made Eddy Aladin, one of the best tax accountants across the US.




With the world going digital, Eddy Aladin also crafted a software program, which facilitates bookkeeping, income tax returns filing, etc. by just using a mobile application, Taxaladin.  

With the emergence of multi-million businesses, accounting and managing the taxes is also very crucial. The world of finance and accounting has evolved manifolds and people have been more aware of the importance of professional accountants. One such accountant who has risen to the pinnacle of the industry, with his astute expertise and knowledge of the finance and accounting field, is Eddy Aladin.

Eddy Aladin hails from Port- au Prince, Haiti, and currently lives in Florida, the US, and specializes in taxation, finance, accounting, and law. From his childhood, Eddy was inclined towards understanding the commercial side of companies. As a subject, Eddy loved accounts and developed a passion to do accounting without any mistakes, to tally the accounts. He garnered exemplary knowledge in subjects including banking, patent and trademark, foreign investments, labor law, corporate finance, corporate law, criminal law, and administrative law. Eddy Aladin is an internal auditor, chief financial, and accountant as well.

Eddy Aladin’s passion and determination to make it as an accountant were extraordinary and his expertise in accounting led him to launch his finance & accounting companies, IslandMundo, Tax Aladin, and Door Tax. Eddy is also the CEO of these companies; he has had 11 years of experience as a professional and has become an accomplished tax accountant. Eddy’s strong work ethic, knowledge, and commitment led to him becoming an astute record-keeper. He has also focused on developing many common accounting software programs, to stay updated as per the changing times. 

His has excellent knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting, cost control principles, cost accounting, along with his advanced know-how of book-keeping, law, state/national regulations, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. 

Eddy Aladin also crafted great communicative skills, and always makes his clients understand his workings. With his communicative skills, Eddy also developed relations with local IRS agents. He created diverse financial strategies for his clients, and worked as per the latest tax codes, negotiate with the IRS on behalf of their clients. His company Door Tax has been developed to maintain the taxes and book-keeping of his clients via the use of the mobile application. 

With the world going digital, Eddy believed that maintaining the books of accounts can be done digitally, and he filed income tax returns, in addition to bookkeeping through the secure message center, using this software program. His other firm, IslandMundo, is based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and links all the islands globally. Eddy Aladin has emerged as a leader in the finance & accounting market, and it is his astute knowledge and determination to keep evolving in the landscape of accounting, which has seen him cruise to the top of the industry.

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