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Artist Josh Chesler Puts his Creative Spin on Custom Sneakers




Born and raised in Omaha Nebraska, Josh Chesler combines his passion for art with his love for shoes to create one of a kind sneakers. These jaw-dropping designs captivate the attention of everyone who takes a look at Chesler’s work. He’s been blessed to custom design sneakers for big-name athletes and celebrities like Zion Williams, Russell Westbrook, Bronny James, LaMelo Ball, and a handful of other decorated individuals.

Josh Chesler hasn’t had an easy path to success. When he first began putting his artistic spin on custom sneakers, there was a lot of hate in the environment around him. Instead of letting this negative energy deter him from his path, he let the hate fuel his passion and drove him to work harder and harder as the days went on. This drive paired with support from his friends Curtis, Boston, Steven, his girlfriend Preciosa, and his late father has pushed Chesler to the next level in custom sneakers. Each and every day he strives to deliver the best products possible for each and every one of his customers and it shows through his work.

Being able to see the reaction on the face of his customers’ work when they receive their custom work is one of the most rewarding parts of Chesler’s career. He delivers a unique service that isn’t available in-store and each pair of shoes is custom designed to each customer’s liking.

Chesler’s work will leave you speechless as he is truly a wizard in the custom sneaker department. He constantly posts his completed work on his Instagram page @chesler_customs. It’s only up from here for Chesler as he continues to work with big-ticket clients. The future is looking bright for the young sneaker entrepreneur.

Find Chesler Customs on Instagram here.

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