Artist Casey Incle, aka Case., Changes Direction with Upcoming Project REER – EP

The rewards one sees in their life is often based on how hard they work for their goals. For Casey Incle, aka Case., the fruits of his labor are looking to be plentiful based on how hard he works to overcome his challenges. The Brooklyn artist is looking to balance his career in music with his education, as well as his commitment to the military. With a lot on his plate, Incle is looking ahead with a positive attitude towards his bright future.

Casey Incle, a 22-year old born and raised in a Brooklyn-based Hispanic household, has not had much time to rest in the past few years. At 17 years old, Incle enlisted in the military and was eventually deployed to Afghanistan in 2019. “The experience put me through a lot of mental and physical challenges that I hope someone never has to go through,” Casey recalls. Now on the other end, he looks back at the experience as having many positive outcomes that led to him appreciating every single day he has.

With his newfound appreciation of life, Casey Incle, also known as Case., is prepping to release his brand-new EP, REER. The project focuses on the idea of switching directions completely in your life, all while maintaining focus and staying true to one’s purpose. Inspired by artists like Gashi, Nas, and the Bee Gees, Case. is sharing personal reflections on various topics throughout the project and is looking to make a difference in the industry through his music.

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