Matteo Pittaluga explains why having a Social Media Manager has become essential for every company to survive

Matteo Pittaluga, digital marketing expert and founder of Marketing Genius talks about the Social Media Manager profession, career and future.

Matteo Pittaluga is 33-year old entrepreneur very well known in Italy in the field of digital marketing. His academy Marketing Genius is one of the largest online business school for entrepreneurs and young people that are interested in learning new skills to take their career to the next level.

In 2019, along with his business partner Fabio Gallerani, Matteo launched a new program called “SMM” specifically designed to teach students how to become Social Media Managers and start a successful career as digital marketing strategists.

Today Matteo will explain why having a good Social Media Manager has to be the number one priority for all companies that want to be competitive in the market in 2021 and beyond.

Matteo, you have a great experience in the field of digital marketing so the first question is: what is exactly a Social Media Manager?

The answer is very simple. A SMM is a professional that takes care of the online presence of a company or an individual when they do not have time to plan and publish their content strategically. You know, 5 or 6 years ago almost anyone could be successful online by simply publishing decent content on social networks and people would start following them and purchasing products… now it’s completely a different game.

What makes the online world different now in your opinion?

It’s just the level of the competition that went up so much. Now everyone is using social media to promote their business and there is so much confusion out there, people get distracted and get lost with thousands of videos, photos and posts being shared every day so it’s much harder to get attention. This is the main reason why all companies and individuals looking for a stronger online presence need an expert to guide them and study the right communication strategy for them.

And this is the main job of a Social Media Manager is that right?

Exactly, people think you only need to be able to use Facebook or Instagram to be a Social Media Manager but there is so much more! A good SMM is somebody who is able to find the right strategy, make content go viral, generate new leads every day, create compelling ads on social media and now also drive traffic and produce sales for an E-commerce website.

Do you think managing an E-commerce should be a task that belongs to the SMM in every company?

Absolutely yes. Now that E-commerce is booming and so many companies are changing their business model and are adapting their website to the Ecom model, the SMM has to be the person in charge for the whole process.

Nobody would pay for a person who is only publishing content , companies need to rely on a digital expert who can take care of all aspects of their online presence and not only social media. I strongly believe the highest income skill now in the market is the ability to generate leads and sales for an E-commerce website and every SMM must be able to do that.

In Marketing Genius you already trained hundreds of Social Media Managers and you’ve proven to be right in the choice of focusing on this trend, now what will be the next step?

After the great success of our training program “SMM”, we decided to take everything to the next level and we recently announced the birth of the first Social Media Manager Academy in Italy called “Accademia SMM”. The goal of the academy is to really guide our students in every single step they need to follow to build a successful career as Social Media Managers.

The Academy will be an 8 week training course with live calls with the teachers where students can ask questions and get feedbacks directly from us on their work. We already had hundreds of signups in the first week alone and I believe the results of our students will be huge as soon as they start offering their services to the market.

This new project looks very promising indeed! Thank you Matteo for your time, we wish you and your students all the best with your future career.

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