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Applying Cutting Edge Technology and Innovation can Help Underserved Communities Deal with COVID-19 in California and Across the US




Many US health experts have expressed that the growing menace of COVID-19 in the US can be reduced with the application of cutting edge technology and innovation. According to them, a lot of underserved communities are finding it difficult to deal with COVID-19 in California and across the US.

They have said that the US healthcare system doesn’t work well for everyone. And there are communities that are struggling a lot in getting appropriate treatment in fighting COVID-19 disease.

ConsejoSano, a technology startup based out of LA, is at the forefront of this fight and is offering patient engagement and navigation services to help Payers, Medicaid, Medicare, Providers and Employers increase patient engagement at scale. Many people in California and across the US have benefitted from its efforts.

ConsejoSano’s team includes doctors, engineers, health policy experts and engagement specialists. During the difficult times of COVID-19 spread, the team at ConsejoSano is combining data, behavioral science and deep cultural expertise to provide innovative solutions that benefit patients and clients.

ConsejoSano’s CTO, Ahmad Jubran, is committed to applying cutting edge technology and innovation to help underserved communities get the appropriate healthcare services during the coronavirus pandemic phase. “By combining data, cultural competency, algorithms and omnichannel engagement technology, we are able to reach people in underserved communities and help them navigate the complexities of our healthcare system,” said Ahmad.

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