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Ancient People Seen On Mars, Says Best CIA Psychic in Online Docs




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Aside from Earth, Mars is the most studied planet in the solar system. However, NASA has never managed to send a man to Mars – only rovers. And it’s not likely they will be able to send a human there until the 2030’s. 

However, back in 1984, the Military and CIA conducted experiments with psychics. This top secret project is called the Star Gate Program. In this program, they experimented with remote viewing techniques to see what other planets looked like millions of years ago. 

‘Remote viewing’ is a type of psychic skill where the ‘viewer’ uses the mind to describe a specific time and place. The viewer can then ‘see’ and describe verbally or through pictures what it looks like. Even if it’s in a totally different location or time period. 

One experiment in 1984 involved a man named Joe McMoneagle. In this session he made some wild claims about The Red Planet’s past. The declassified documents are now available online for anyone to read. 

With NASA’s upcoming mission to mars, will scientists use McMoneagle’s reading, other remote viewers, and the best online psychics to help guide this mission?

CIA Top Secret Remote Viewing Session Found Ancient People On Mars

Researchers asked McMoneagle to ‘view’ the planet in 1 million B.C. Here’s what he saw. 

According to the transcript, McMoneagle could see a ‘pyramid’ along with other ‘large structures’ made of ‘smooth stone’. 

He also claimed to see ‘very large people’ on the planet. He said, “I just keep seeing very large people. They appear thin and tall, but they’re very large, wearing some kind of clothes.”. 

Mars is likely the only planet in the solar system which could be inhabited by humans. That’s because there is evidence of water particles in its soil, and it has similar season and weather patterns like Earth. Given this, McMoneagle’s claims are not completely impossible, although they are dubious.

Will The Best Online Psychics & Remote Viewers Help With NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission 

Despite McMoneagle’s clear vision, it is doubtful that NASA will use his visions or other best online psychics to help with their current mission to Mars.

The current mission’s aims are to investigate The Red Planet’s past as well as research the potential for human life in the future. However, NASA was never a part of the Star Gate Program. And it is unlikely they will utilize alternative methods like remote viewing for scientific discovery. 

The CIA’s Star Gate program ended in 1994. The American Institute for Research unfortunately found that there was “no documented evidence it had any value to the intelligence community”. However, The US Navy still uses ‘sensemaking’ techniques as part of their training program for marines. It could be possible NASA uses similar extrasensory perception (ESP) techniques, however this information is likely either nonexistent or declassified. 

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