“America I Pray” From Shantel Giselle Is A Vibe Check For Change

The Detroit born and Los Angeles based rapper, Shantel Giselle, has introduced a new single “America I Pray” on all music platforms. Shantel Giselle, who works on her music for contributing to society, has focused on important subjects in her new song.

The female rapper has called for unity among Americans and she has highlighted the need for eradicating the racial oppression prevalent in America. The song, “America I Pray” focuses on bring a revolutionary change in the mindset of the American people of all races and ethnicities.

The song lyrics inspire listeners to get rid of the systems of oppression and give up the old ways of racist thinking. It has very good content to spread equality on different levels in America. Shantel Giselle has conveyed that she likes to make dynamic music to reach people from new places to make them understand her vision.

Shantel Giselle wants people to stand in her shoes to feel the energy of her music to empower themselves by seeing her experiences and statements. The music artist focuses on serving the humanity by connecting with people. She has created a strong bridge between people and her through her music.

Instead of just focusing on herself, Shantel Giselle wants to help people by bringing positivity in their lives through her sensational music. That is why, she always focuses on creating something worthwhile for the target audience. She has always focused on making songs that give a strong message to the society to help everyone grow together.

Here is the direct Spotify link to America I Pray:


Here is the streaming link that shows all DSPs AMERICA I PRAY is available on:


Website or Social Page:

Website: https://www.shantelgiselle.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvtvWx76UADQ2eg7esChKcQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shantelgiselle

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamshantelgiselle

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