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Amanda Haze: Leap Into Creativity




There are many intriguing stories surrounding creative individuals and their journeys, and Amanda Haze’s case is no different. Getting started on her first career path, Haze took on corporate internships and was left unsatisfied. In regards to this topic, Haze stated, “I always felt like there was more for me to give to the world, and I wanted to focus on creating and using my mind.”

In response to the emptiness the corporate world left her, Haze moved to pursue her creative passions – the major path being music. After being inspired by a friend she met overseas, Haze began experimenting with techno music, and it wasn’t long before she was creating her own singles and mixes.

Since her creative push, Haze has been creating unique electronic music that she describes as “house music – but on Mars”. Posting the “RIZE N VIBE RADIO” series of mixes on SoundCloud, Haze has built a fan base surrounding her original sound and constant energy. Now, in 2021, Amanda Haze is set to release her latest project, coming soon, entitled Hazey.

To stay up to date with Amanda Haze and her future project, you can find her on Instagram here and listen to her music here.

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