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Amala Is Gaining Major Recognition From The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area To The West Coast With “Tik Tok”




In her latest single “Tik Tok” along with a music video premiere on VEVO, Amala from presents a priceless charisma and energy as her presence fills the entire video with her top-tier fashion, lyrics, personalities, and DANCE MOVES. 

Amala introduces her fanbase to the “Tik Tok” dance she made and is seen done in the video on multiple occasions. This dance has the evident potential to take on a viral journey on platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, and others.

With the song titled “Tik Tok“, Amala is one of the few artists to visualize just about every single line from ice, fashion, and even literally ticking on a clock, taking us back in the day! With only two singles out and sitting at half a million streams on all platforms, Amala is destined to be a shining star in the music industry. 

Amala portrays confidence in “Tik Tok” akin to traits shared by fellow star women artists such as Nicki Minaj, Mulatto, Megan Thee Stallion, Chika, and Flo Milli that separates her from the field of upcoming female powerhouses in music as a superstar. 

2020 has birthed new stars, and Amala’s name deserves to have her name mentioned on the upcoming stars of music. The clock has a certain “Tik Tok” waiting for people to wake up to her transcendent sound. 

Tik Tok” is available to stream on all platforms, and the official video is on YouTube.

Check out “Tik Tok” here

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