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A Discussion with the CEO of Cyber Boy Corp, CyberBoy, on the Future of his Company




We are in Beverly Hills, Ca this afternoon with CyberBoy, CEO, of Cyber Boy Corp., and are here today to discuss the future of his company. He built an impressive investment portfolio over the course of 10 years and watched the value drop close to nothing during the COVID-19 pandemic. His shares in JCPenney and Frontier Communications became worthless after both businesses filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in New York, New York. His portfolio holdings consisted of Carnival Cruise Line, American Airlines, Occidental Petroleum, and a few other companies, but, sold his shares to recover his losses by investing in three companies he believes will help him recover his cash.

Reporter: I am anxious to know, how does this make you feel?

CyberBoy: Ouch! Thanks for not calling me a loser. I cannot imagine the pain other people are going through. This is a moment in time where people need to have self-control and focus on the future. If, John Adam Smith, the father of economics, dropped by today, I think he would be amazed of how much has changed since the 1700s. We are a strong Nation. This is just a bump in the road. I am still smiling. I cannot elaborate on SARS-CoV-2, because that’s not my field. I will leave that for health experts to explain. Will asymptomatic people spread it? I don’t know. The virus is invisible. It can be anywhere. This whole thing has really disrupted economic activity around the world. Imports and exports have been disrupted and have caused a lot of people to panic. My only advice, for the American people, and our Nation’s allies, is to make sound decisions.

Reporter: Why would you open a business during a global pandemic?

CyberBoy: That’s a good question. I signed a lucrative deal with the private security firm I initially started with in this business and Cyber Boy Corp. is now collecting those earnings. Both of our companies will continue to work together and will remain solvent each year as our companies age. Jonathan, ugh, a highly trained security specialist, brought me in this business and here I am, so, I thank him for that. He’s an enormous blessing. Dr. Elena Porter, of Dr. Porter Sports Chiropractic & Wellness, shared a few words at a health club that I found inspiring, Cyber Boy Corp. was born on March 19, 2020, and here we are, so, I thank her for that. She is a blessing. Donald Hilland, Esquire, a dear friend and employer, at the Law Offices of Donald A. Hilland in San Fernando, not the town in the province of Cádiz, Spain, but, here in, ugh, California, has always been a constructive critic. So, I thank him for that. He’s another blessing from God. It has taken a number of people to shape the way I think. If, I had to break down things into percentages, I would say that 33.33% of my knowledge comes from books, 33.33% comes from experience, and 33.33% comes from human interaction. I try my best to surround myself with like-minded people. People that want to smile, people that want to travel, and people that obey the law.

Reporter: You mentioned that Donald Hilland is a friend and employer?

CyberBoy: That’s correct. We are friends. But, I also work for him on an as needed basis. Whether he calls me to file papers at the courthouse, translate Spanish to English, serve papers, etc., I am a phone call away. The private security firm knows I am available 24/7. They just need to call me, and I am at their door. I am designed to work. I don’t want to experience sleep deprivation, but, if I want to wear a Rolex around my wrist and eat at high-end restaurants I better start talking like a Californian farmer or professional boxer.

Reporter: What do you mean by that?

CyberBoy: There are voices in the field. There are voices in training camps. The words, “¡échale ganas!” and “vamos adelante” can be heard from the ground to the hands of the workers. And they all say the same thing, “¡échale ganas,” work hard, “vamos adelante,” move forward. Thinking that way has helped me become a better person. When you have time, watch the end of Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito, watch and listen to the words that were exchanged between Max Kellerman, Robert Garcia, and Margarito. Max Kellerman looked at Antonio’s battered face and commended him. Max asked him if he thought about stopping the fight. Max knew the answer. Antonio nodded his head and said, “vamos adelante,” at the end of his response. So, I’m not lying. Having that mindset really creates an exceptional personality, especially, against all odds.

Reporter: Your friends must be very proud of you!

CyberBoy: That’s funny. I can count the number of friends I have with one hand. I say this respectfully, but, I only have two friends, and interact with them almost on a daily basis. We exchange jokes or current events through text messages. I should say SMS, if, I am a tech guy. Donald Hilland and Shawn “El Primo” Anderson. Shawn is a confidant. Shawn has been fighting stage 3 melanoma cancer for 20 plus years. UCLA Health professionals nicknamed him “Melanoma Man” during their studies. I know a lot of people, but, these are really the only two people I can honestly call a friend. Having a lot friends is like having a lot of enemies. There not my enemies, there my friends.

Reporter: Tell us something about the cybersecurity industry that our readers should know and what Cyber Boy Corp. is doing to protect information systems in the future?

CyberBoy: That’s an excellent question. Gosh! Well, cyber crimes are growing worldwide. There is no question that it will continue to rise. According to a number of statistics, studies, and extensive research, cybercrime caused over $3 trillion in damages in in 2019. By 2020, there will be more than 3 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs. Cyber Boy Corp. wants to help fill in the gap if we can and protect information systems worldwide, but, like I have always said, the United States wasn’t built over night. The advancement of technologies has created a tidal surge of demand for ethical hackers often called white hat hackers. So, Cyber Boy Corp. is in for a treat.

Reporter: Where do you see Cyber Boy Corp. 10 years from now?

CyberBoy: As a Fortune 500 company. God willing.

Reporter: Do you listen to music?

CyberBoy: Occasionally. I prefer to listen to audiobooks.

Reporter: Can you name five of your favorite songs.

CyberBoy: Great Are You by Casting Crowns, I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe, Remember When by Alan Jackson, For A Minute There by Garth Brooks, and Tatuajes by Joan Sebastian.

Reporter: What’s your favorite sports team?

CyberBoy: I don’t like sports, but, I like what Oscar De La Hoya is doing with Golden Boy Promotions and Arte Moreno is doing with the Los Angeles Angels.

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