6 TikTok Business Basics Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Know

With over 1 billion users, the power TikTok holds for businesses is undeniable. Its massive audience and engaging platform have made it the perfect place for businesses to market their brand and grow their business. TikTok coach and entrepreneur, Wave Wyld has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do just that and reap the sweet rewards TikTok has to offer.

Wave has become a reputable expert in all things TikTok, even founding an entire TikTok movement — The TikTok trend alert movement. There are some business basics Wave teaches every one of her clients — basics that any aspiring entrepreneur, wanting their business to boom on TikTok, should know, and we’ve got the inside scoop..

Wave didn’t start out as a TikTok genius with over 300k followers. She started just like any other entrepreneur — joining TikTok during the pandemic to funnel leads towards her business. Wave has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Starting with a successful photography business, she completed multiple career changes, landing on a personal branding business, before finding her rightful place as the queen of TikTok trends.

It definitely wasn’t always easy — just like most entrepreneurs starting on TikTok, Wave struggled with imposter syndrome. Getting started on TikTok as an entrepreneur, you present yourself as an expert in your field to gain your audience’s trust. And sometimes, when the confidence is a bit low, it’s so easy for the fears and insecurities to creep in, telling you that you don’t know what you’re doing — but you do. One of the best ways to curb this feeling is by building a strong foundation for your business and your TikTok account so that whenever you’re feeling low, you can just bring it back to the basics.

Here are the essential business basics every aspiring entrepreneur on TikTok should know:

  1. Define your niche: If you haven’t already, defining your niche and brand image is essential for starting on TikTok — it allows you comfortably situated yourself within your niche and guides your content to target the right audience.
  2. Tell your brand’s story: With Wave’s background in personal branding, she emphasizes the power of telling your story to your audience — let your audience get to know the real you, and you’ll have people to remind you who you are whenever the imposter syndrome creeps in.
  3. Focus on community: Building a powerful community is key to succeeding on TikTok — it gives you a loyal fanbase that champions your brand, something virality could never do.
  4. Create a funnel: As a business on TikTok, your goal is to make sales; building an optimized funnel that guides your leads directly toward your offer, establishing a constant stream of profit.
  5. Optimize your profile: Your business account should be carefully crafted to reflect your business and draw your leads in — a ‘link in bio’ is one of the essentials to an optimized business profile.
  6. Create consistent, engaging content: The key to attracting leads and growing your audience is consistently posting top-quality content catered to your community — focus on niche-related trends, hashtags, video hooks, trending music, and going live to engage your community.

Wave stands by these TikTok business basics to help establish a strong foundation for your business on TikTok and help beat any imposter syndrome that comes your way — and she’s got the numbers to prove it.

Just ask Fouad El Boustani (@mentallygreat), a motivational speaker and one of Wave’s clients, “From 8k to 1 million followers in 2 months, Wave has provided me tremendous tips, tricks, and feedback on how to grow faster and better, and as you can see, it worked!”

If you’re looking to grow your business on TikTok, do yourself a favor and check out one of Wave’s masterclass TikTok courses, teaching you everything you need to know.

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