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5 Standard Furniture Pieces for Your Next Master Bedroom Set




Furnishing a master bedroom is always cheaper when you buy a complete bedroom set from any home and garden shop, instead buying all the pieces separately. Of course, master bedrooms vary in size, and households vary in needs. As such, these bedroom sets are somewhat flexible with the ability to remove, replace, or add pieces as necessary while still getting a discount for the complete set.

Here are the 5 pieces of furniture that you should expect any master bedroom set to have.

The bed

Your bed can actually require the purchase of three or more items just in itself. Most master bedroom sets accommodate either a Queen or King size bed, but the pieces of the bed included may vary by brand and set. Headboards and footboards are usually sold together as part of the bedroom set, but the platform or frame may need to be purchased separately. You’ll also need to buy a mattress, and boxspring if needed, usually at an additional cost.

One or two nightstands

If your headboard isn’t a heavy one with shelves and lighting, you’re going to need nightstands on either side of the beds. These are the least expensive pieces of your bedroom set. Standard sets may only come with one nightstand, with the second optional nightstand at an additional cost.

The dresser or chest of drawers

All bedroom sets come with a matching dresser, chest of drawers, or both. A dresser will be stand alone and a bit taller, while chests of drawers are shorter and may come with an optional mirror.

Additional optional pieces

Most sets have a matching mirror that you can purchase, either for the chest of drawers or a floor mirror. In fact, some brands offer floor mirrors that hide a jewelry armoire. Other optional pieces you can expect to find include:

  • Bedroom benches, sometimes with storage bench options
  • Matching accent chairs and ottomans
  • Bedroom vanities with or without mirrors, sometimes with matching benches
  • Armoires or wardrobes

Although it can be fun to imagine a room designed with all of the pieces available for a bedroom set, keep in mind that when you buy online complex furniture sets it is easy to buy more furniture than will fit in your bedroom or your outdoor space. Make sure that you buy pieces only that you can fit in the room. Of course, you can also put some pieces in other rooms as appropriate. View more bedroom sets at online furniture retailers.

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