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5 Benefits of Working with a Mortgage Broker Presented by Matt The Mortgage Guy




When homebuyers start looking for a mortgage lender their world suddenly becomes full of big financial terms, demands for paperwork, and a whole lot of uncertainty. Buyers start the process of trying to get a good loan and jump through hoops to make the whole thing work. People come out of the home buying process feeling like they might have to move mountains to get approved. To avoid this and get a better result, homebuyers should consider working with a mortgage broker.

A mortgage broker is a middleman between a buyer and a lender, they cut out all the red tape for a buyer and work to find the best loan for the clients scenario and long term goals. Many big lenders work simply to secure as many loans as possible and are not looking out for the little guy, the buyer. A mortgage broker wants to help the buyer and is not trying to hit a certain quota of loans per month, nor are they a person sitting in a call center with no background or expertise in mortgage lending. Matt the Mortgage Guy (MTMG) is a mortgage broker that wants to help people through the home buying process and offers the following reasons why people will benefit from choosing a certified mortgage advisor.

5 Benefits of Working With a Mortgage Broker

1. High-Tech – High-Touch – This is the best of both worlds, with access to the best tech and processes. and a highly involved personal touch from a broker who cares. At MTMG a buyer gets the best of both worlds. Brokers work with many different lenders and have access to all the same high-tech information and processes that big lenders do, they work personally with a buyer to secure the best mortgage structure for their financial situation.
2. Knowledgeable in mortgage and your local market – A mortgage broker is not simply a person on the other end of the phone who wants to sell you a loan. They are an experienced professional who is working in the local market, knows you personally, and wants to get you the best mortgage structure long term. MTMG works as a personal debt advisor, they will work with realtors even before the deal is made to get a client into the best mortgage options.
3. Save time, money, and stress“The best rate with the wrong strategy is much more expensive than a competitive rate with a certified mortgage advisor.”-Barry Habib, CEO MBS Highway. What this means is that getting the best rate now with the wrong strategy is far more expensive than taking the time and effort to work with a certified mortgage advisor. Mortgage brokers work to save a client time, money, and stress and are there to get the best rate, with the best strategy, that will put buyers in a good financial situation.
4. Home loan experts – A certified mortgage advisor is a professional who is dedicated only to home loans, working to get the best rate for each client, not sell loans for a big lender. This personal, expert approach makes a major difference, because they work as a personal debt advisor, presenting tailored loan scenarios for each client. It is not simply about what someone qualifies for, they walk a buyer through all the different options and explain the outcome of each to find the best fit.
5. Personalized and flexible lending options – When working with a mortgage broker a buyer has access to a whole network of lenders, as well as the expertise of the mortgage broker. This means they understand not everyone is the same and will work to find flexible lending options. They can get faster closes, better rates, and have less red tape, paperwork, and underwriting to go through, all making the process smoother and more beneficial to the buyer.

Matt Gougé, the man behind MTMG, believes it is his job to help people understand the biggest purchase many have ever made. “This is the biggest purchase of your life, of course, you have questions. My job is to answer those questions.“ He describes what MTMG does as a personalized team of professionals there to walk you through the whole picture and process of acquiring a home mortgage.

MTMG specializes in working with people in California and has many free tools and resources on their website along with a YouTube channel full of educational videos. Gouge also recommends looking up your local area on to find a certified mortgage advisor in your locality that can help! Reach out to MTMG today to learn more about how a mortgage professional can help make the mortgage and borrowing process smoother, and more beneficial in the long term.

To connect with Matt and his team for advice in California shoot an email to

If you are outside of CA you can visit to connect with a great broker in your state.

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