Your Best Connection Is Just One ‘pop’ Away

Paper business cards just dont work anymore, and networking is not what it used to be, and maybe thats a good thing. Markets big and small experience their own iteration of networking that serves a general purpose of connecting people to what matters most, and as we find exciting new ways to meet and greet future co-pilots of our respective industries, we look to the creatives who are redefining these practices ten-fold, seemingly one tap at a time.

The LA-based startup, Popl, launched into the public eye back in 2019 with the mission of helping professionals connect better by introducing a suite of tap-and-go technology that forever changed the game of human interaction. The idea behind Popls innovative technique is seamless engagement at corporate functions, social outings, and professional networking events, allowing us to make the connection faster and with style. Popl simplifies the act of exchanging information by implementing smart devices that save time on gathering details so you can spend more time making meaningful transactions. With just one tap, were able to share personal and professional contact information with people in seconds, omitting the hassle of printing business cards or writing things down. With Popl in tow, the world is at your fingertips.

When Jason Alvarez-Cohen and Nick Eischens co-founded Popl, they did so with the intent of creating something that was accessible to all walks of life and brought our societies closer together, a feat defied by COVID-19 standards. Presently, Popls inventory inhabits a number of familiar retail markets, including Walmart and Staples. Beyond these sectors, their technology has generated waves of press and commentary from the likes of Forbes30-Under-30 as well as strong social media influence. Popl speaks for everyone of any background, and has emerged as the industry standard for many businesses when it comes to company engagement. Alvarez-Cohen and Eischens have poured a lot of their energy into growing team-oriented markets, like office spaces and corporate settings. The goal is to supply nearly all companies with Popl cards so that effective communication is available for units as small as five members and as large as thousands. Popl works well for most industries, leading the switch to a paperless society by standing as the number one digital business card on market.

 Recently, Popl partnered with real-estate operation, Compass, to provide more dynamic networking for their agents through Popl Teams, their b2b offering that helps companies modernize their networking and lead capture efforts. Such a partnership is an example of where Popls technology is headed and its adaptive qualities. Real estate is already a hyperactive market, but movements like Compass achieve the same success as Popl by streamlining and centralizing the goal through creative innovation. For real estate agents, a triumph is declared (or lost) with that first interaction, and with something like Popls NFC technology at the helm, the next client is only a tap away, guaranteed. 

In a similar vein, Popl is ideal for large social settings, namely trade shows and concerts. As we near the Summer season and find a slew of festivals and events setting up for massive turnouts, Popls new custom badge comes to mind as the answer to so many familiar struggles of getting lost in the crowd. The Popl Badge is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor the design to fit your teams branding and stand out at conferences. It also comes equipped with the PopCode, a unique QR code that never expires and can be updated via the app at any time. With the Badge leading the way, larger functions become a game of tag, letting you tap along and meet dozens of new faces without wasting time trying to hear someone over the music. 

Popl remains the envy of both the professional world and our personal circuits, changing the way we interact with each other in a way thats clean, minimal, and supportive of our natural human instincts. The reality is that Popl doesnt take away the fun of meeting new people, but rather enhances the experience by reducing conventional hassles and inspiring more communication. The blueprints of Popl strike a new sense of confidence in the way we do things, more so than most other inventions weve seen in decades past. With a hearty batch of new items rolling out in 2022, along with greater exposure in more high-profile markets like real estate, Popl is set to become a household name by the end of this year, leading to stronger engagements with even stronger results.

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