What Are the Steps to Filing A Personal Injury Case?

Whether you or someone you know has got into an accident, the below points would take you through the timeline of going through a personal injury case. Keep reading.

Medical Treatment

Whatever the type of accident you might have been in, the first thing you should do is get medical help. Once the doctors have stated that you’re in good condition, then you can proceed with getting the law involved.

Know that you might have to get a jury involved in your case. If you didn’t get immediate medical attention, they might bring this up. As a result, they would state that the injuries you received weren’t that serious. The insurance adjuster would be notified that you didn’t receive medical attention as well – the chances of you receiving a settlement would be low.

Legal Help

How big will the case be? If it’s a small one you’ll be dealing with, you could handle things yourself. Just know that the procedure would be long and tedious. If it’s a more serious personal injury, you might have to go to court, so get ample legal aid.

Look long and hard when choosing a lawyer to work with. You could win a large settlement if you get the right legal team. Steven Polak, Markham personal injury lawyer is one of the best in his field.

Medical Records

Once you’ve got a lawyer by your side, he would do everything to help you. Be prepared for long and extensive interviews – this is something that not a lot of people expect when filing personal injury cases. Answer the questions truthfully; the lawyer is trying to help you win. 

The investigations done by the lawyer and his team can take a while. They would be looking at medical records too. Don’t be surprised if they dig up all the files on the accident that took place. Scarborough personal injury lawyers are well known for their thorough services.

Court Filing

You might not have to go to court. Your legal representative might speak to the other party and come to a settlement before things get ugly. This is where getting excellent legal help is important as some lawyers would be more experienced in negotiating than others.

And he may not demand an amount until you’ve fully recovered. Because you may have no idea how much the treatment for the injury will cost.

The Court Process

Most of the time, personal injury cases are settled before going to court. But if you’re going to take this step, you can expect it to take a year or two for the case to go to trial. How long the trial itself would last depends on the complexity of the situation.

There would likely be investigations, witnesses and a lot of documents involved.

Final Thoughts

The steps to filing a personal injury case depends on how big or small it is, as well as whether you’re dealing with tough lawyers on the other side. A lot of the time, though, you’ll be able to reach a settlement before taking things to cou

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