Un!dentified and the Weight Their Music Carries

Musical rap group Un!dentified is no stranger to having soul in their music. From the first listen, you can hear the time and care that is put into each track. With, Justin Dosanjh, Harman Sandhu, and Sukhan Sandh, these three are known for putting heart and soul into the music they create.

Hoping their music reaches people and their souls, the music these three create carries a strange weight. It takes a lot to push out music. The anxiety of each release can be enough to stop artists from doing it all together. Here, with these three, their common belief is that, no matter what, people will have opinions on whatever is released. Why not make the releases meaningful and something that leaves people thinking?

As a trio, before every release, a decision is made on whether the music is ready or not. The amount of content Un!dentifed has put out on multiple streaming platforms and their avid marketing on social media presents how well this group works together. When it comes to everything that they have put out for people to see and hear, they know how to do it. If two minds are better than one, try three. With the common goal to keep pushing out music that is full of soul and means a lot, it’s no wonder why their group is growing so well. Be sure to give these three a listen and a view.

You can view their official website here as well as listen to their music on Spotify here

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