Trump’s Fascination with California’s Homeless Problem maybe a Political Stunt after all

President Trump isn’t leaving any stone unturned when it’s about the upcoming elections. He is doing everything in his power to become the favourite and beloved president. Recently his point of interest is the homeless problem in California.

California may hold only 12% of America’s population but it has half of the homeless population of America. Such rate of homelessness results in a dreary picture. There are sidewalks smeared with human feces, mental patients running rampant on the streets without receiving proper care.

He voiced his concerns about the homelessness issues in California before he jetted off to the Bay Area for a fundraiser. Trump said to the reporters on Air Force One that “people living in our best highways, our best streets, our best entrances to buildings.”.

While his supporters think his interest in the issue is genuine, protestors think it’s a well thought out political plan. His sudden humanitarian side is a cheap political stunt. He uses it to gain points in his upcoming elections. Even though he showed his concerns the The Department of Housing and Urban Development has some new regulations. This will render 55,000 children and citizens homeless. It will take away their public houses.

Trump’s talk about homelessness might just be talk because he showed his disdain for the homeless through his tone. He explained how there are many immigrants who sleep in the sidewalks of buildings and how they keep encroaching the place of the White and privileged.

Even Scott Wiener, a Democratic state senator from San Francisco called out Trump about his fake concern and said that – “Donald Trump is a slumlord who has spent his presidency pushing people into homelessness by taking away health care, food assistance and affordable housing funds. He has no credibility on housing and homelessness.”

Trump’s closing statement about how he doesn’t want other cities to destroy themselves like California showed his true colours. His concern for homeless is for all wrong reasons.

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