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TOP INFLUENCERS: The Success Story of AniBox Trailer Access




AniBox Trailer Access is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on Animation promo contents. It is enjoying great popularity in the digital space. Currently, it enjoys over 2 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views in total. AniBox Trailer Access is amongst the top influencers known for animation promo content on YouTube.

It was started by Rajesh in 2017 and this channel has gained a lot of popularity in a limited time. AniBox Trailer Access focuses on the latest movie news, reviews, trailers, and other important movie topics. The motive behind starting this channel was to explain movie endings, easter eggs, film theory, deleted scenes, and other movie topics

Since the demand for video media is booming among people, YouTube channels are now receiving a great response from viewers. The AniBox Trailer Access is one of the top 10 film & animation channels on YouTube worldwide. In the year 2019 only, it became the most viewed YouTube trailer channel due to the high-quality content present on it.

According to the channel owner, Rajesh, “as a movie fanatic, I’ve always wanted to be kept up to date with all the latest movie releases as well as any new TV series. I’ve made this channel for all the movie lovers to have a place where that is possible.!”

AniBox Trailer Access focuses on bringing the inside scoop in the movie and entertainment world. It also serves as a global external marketing brand partner for Hollywood movie promotions. And its videos are based on movie marketing to increase the media exposure of any movie among people.

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