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The Secret Ingredient of the Hollywood Protest: Great Pizza!




The Hollywood Black Lives Matter protests drew out thousands and thousands of people from across the region, marching day and night for justice! But while the protests lasted many days and nights, those same protesters needed to eat to keep their strength up.

Enter into the equation Dough Pizzeria & Bar in Los Angeles, located on the world famous Sunset Strip, just blocks away from the massive protests. The freshly post-COVID-19-reopened pizzeria joined together with some of Hollywood’s elite social media influencers and stars to donate over $10,000 worth of pizza of all types (even Vegan!) to anyone marching in the protests as a sign of unity and community support.

Dough’s co-owners Mo Mostashari and Adam Waheed, brought together his friends, actor King Bach and Instagram icons Hannah Stocking, DeStorm Power, SPENCE, Janina, Candice, Liane V and Don Benjamin, to help hand-out the pizzas. What’s more, all the pizza was baked by the Food Network’s celebrity chef, Chef Aaron May inside the Dough kitchens.

The restaurant has pledged to continue handing out pizza to protesters to keep everyone going strong for as long as the protests go.

You can learn more and find out how you can also donate free pizzas to those in Hollywood at

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