The influential female role model, Monica Byers, shares her tale of adversity and triumph

Women are sometimes discouraged from working in logistics and supply chain management because they are told it is too difficult and tough for them. It’s not just a gender issue; it’s a social problem that can’t be solved by one person alone.

This is why Monica Byers took the lead in influencing other women to bravely take part in an industry that is said to be too tough for women. She is the owner and president of Sugar Creek Transportation. Monica Byers is a great role model for all the women out there who are too hesitant to take a challenge in their lives.

Through her articles for Coyote Logistics, she has been recognized as a female leader in the supply chain business, and she was nominated for inclusion in Who’s Who in America 2018 as one of the thousands of most accomplished individuals in the United States.

The Journey of Monica Byers

Monica earned a BSBA in Marketing from California Baptist University. She earned an AA from Long Beach City College, where she studied to become a pilot. Immediately upon graduation from college, Monica entered the trucking business, first in LTL (less than truckload) sales and then as the owner of a Landstar brokerage agency. They were consistently ranked in the top three agencies for more than a decade, with more than a truckload of 700 agents. From there, she opened Sugar Creek Transportation.

As Monica sees it, life is a journey. “Every aspect of my life has had its ups and downs. I’ve had some hard times, some wonderful times, and some really outstanding moments. To get to where I am now, I had to go from having a thriving business while married, with many sources of income, to being divorced, losing everything, crawling back up, having my ex-husband create a rival truck company, slandering me, taking my workers and drivers, and almost losing everything again, all while building my business back up to where it is today. At this point, with over a hundred trucks and employees working for me and several locations for my businesses, there is nothing but more growth ahead for me.”

The Origin of Mother Trucker

Monica Byers is the CEO of Mother Trucker, Inc., a company she founded with a strong desire to succeed. During her time as a broker, Mother Trucker was born out of her frustration with carriers who failed to meet their promises. Because of this, she made the decision to start a company that is known for its superior customer service.

According to her, the trucking sector is booming right now. Everybody wants to get into this industry right now since there is so much money to be earned. This, however, is a transient situation. Typically, truckers earn a low-profit margin because of the high level of competition.

The majority of individuals entering this sector are incurring debt, which may be beneficial, but if they do not have the necessary funds saved, their vehicles maintained, or they are not in compliance, it may not be beneficial when the industry resumes regular operations.

What Sets Mother Trucker Apart From the Competition

We asked Monica Byers what distinguishes her company from the rest. “My service is unique since I want my drivers to go home every day or every other day. The majority of people don’t realize this, but truckers have to work longer hours than the typical employee in a typical job. Imagine if your 8-5 became 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. That is tough. I prefer local or regional freight so that these employees can enjoy a better quality of life, even if many of them work long hours on a daily basis.”

Her business is centered on the needs of both customers and drivers. She treats her drivers with the love and respect they deserve. It is as though they are members of the family.

“There are many individuals who work at Sugar Creek because they are the single earners in their families, and the money they make there not only pays for their own expenses but also provides food for the rest of the family,” says Monica Byers.

The future that Monica Byers sees

With the goal of expanding her fleet of trucks and trailers, as well as establishing her Mother Trucker brand, Monica hopes to double her current trucking company’s revenue by 2022, as well as develop several sites where she can provide vehicle and trailer leasing.

“We will continue to expand our fleet and provide unique advantages to truckers that they do not have now. We want to assist truckers in leading more rewarding and fulfilling lives for their families. There will be a variety of services available for truckers in the future, and my goal is to be a one-stop-shop where they can get anything they need.”

Takeaways from Monica Byers’s life

You can change someone’s life by showing them your love and care. Kindness is something we can carry with us wherever we go, and it has the power to make a consequential impact on the lives of those around us. All we have to do is decide to make use of it. It’s time to remove the barriers that most women face in order to take advantage of the many strengths that women can bring to the table in the future.

“Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Have that vision, write it down, and never let off the gas,” Monica Byers.

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