Cantina Frida is firmly entrenched in the hearts of Californians

Vicente del Río, Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández, and FRIMEX group partners opened Cantina Frida in May 2019 to delight Beverly Hills palates. Since then, it has become one of the main restaurants for lunch, dinner, and a good time in the Mexican style.

Cantina Frida has plenty of space and a brilliant design, as well as an open kitchen concept and live music. 

“What we seek at Cantina Frida is to bring people closer to traditional Mexican food, accompanied by the flavor and nostalgia that unites family and friends”, said Vicente del Río.

From fajitas to ceviche, lobster tacos (and of course, tacos al pastor), mole, pozole, and an impressive Tomahawk Cantina, this restaurant offers traditional Mexican cuisine in a contemporary setting.

“Vicente del Río and I began in the summer of 2019, that same year we opened”. The dishes are represented by the gourmet cuisine of Mexico. Here people enjoy cocktails, fancy drinks made at the moment in our bar. We also offer gourmet desserts”, said Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández.

“We also have a special VIP area for private parties, where we have hosted various special events and renowned sponsors. In addition to the traditional annual special celebrations for Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Día de Muertos, New Year’s Eve, etc”.

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