The Director of Zeal Global Group, Nipun Anand, has Accomplished Success and Milestones in Running GSSA Cargo Business

Running a successful business requires an entrepreneur to possess a true entrepreneurial spirit. Nipun Anand has proved his mettle for being a successful entrepreneur by establishing a successful GSSA cargo business.

Nipun Anand is the founder of Zeal Global Group, which is a Delhi-based GSA cargo company known for providing exceptional cargo solutions. The visionary entrepreneur is following the path of his father, Mr. Panna Anand, a self-made entrepreneur, who has got 40 years of experience in transportation, construction, exports, and logistics.

Nipun Anand is the director of Zeal Global Group and his father is serving as the chairman of the company. He founded the GSSA cargo business in 2014 after completing his management degree from the University of Bradford in 2012.

Zeal Global Group has helped many international airlines establish their feet across India. The Delhi-based cargo business has entered a partnership with many airlines to provide services such as sales, marketing, and distribution.

Owing to his strong entrepreneurial mindset, Nipun Anand is also serving as the Teleport India director. In 2020, Teleport India (Indian arm of AirAsia group’s logistics subsidiary) partnered with House of Masaba to export face masks to the Southeast Asian market during the pandemic.

It is aiming to help SMEs grow by establishing themselves in the global marketplace through social e-commerce. In the future, Nipun Anand along with his father, Mr. Panna Anand is looking to dive into the hospitality business. The father-son duo has started building five-star hotels in Goa.

Nipun Anand has accomplished immense success and milestones with his strong entrepreneurial spirit. For knowing more about him, visit his social media profiles.



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