Shincheonji Seminars to Explain Revelation and the Reality of Jesus’ Second Coming

The year 2020 was an unprecedented period of difficulty. With the coronavirus pandemic, hurricanes, fires, and political unrest raging on, the global community and Christians especially have concerns about the state of the world. A popular question that has been popping up in churches and online forums has been, “have we entered the final era of Revelation promised in the Bible?”

News outlets have increasingly speculated on the connection between the recent world events and Biblical prophecies. For example, the publication USA Today ran an online story on September 26 describing how many Christians are asking if the new COVID-19 vaccine is the “mark of the beast” promised in Revelation chapter 13. 

In response to these genuine questions and genuine confusion, a new online broadcast on “Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant” will go over the true meanings and explanations of the mysterious Book of Revelation. The seminars will be hosted on YouTube and available to watch from October 18th to the end of December. 

Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, is the host of these online broadcasts. The upcoming seminar series comes on the heels of successful seminars in August, where around 1700 pastors and 28000 people participated from all over the globe. Pastors and church members were in attendance, and brought questions and struggles on how to deal with the challenges of the pandemic. Many were interested in ways to resolve issues with church attendance, engagement, and growth. 

Mr. Kim Shin-chang, General Director of the International Mission Department of Shincheonji Church, said “the number of participants at this time reflects their interest and effort to understand the words of Revelation consistently with the words of the rest of the books of the Bible.”

Shincheonji chairman Lee Man-hee will be leading and teaching the seminars. He explains that he is the witness and messenger in Revelation 22:16 who saw and heard the physical fulfillment of the events of the Book of Revelation. The seminars will cover Revelation chapters 1 through 22 and explain the prophecies and the events that have taken place in the format of 5Ws and 1H (who, what, when, where, why, and how).

Revelation is typically taught through speculation and interpretation, or not taught at all by those who find it confusing, fear-inducing, and hard to understand. Through these upcoming seminars, Shincheonji Church of Jesus hopes to provide a clear and compelling testimony of the prophecies of the Bible and how they have fulfilled today.

The seminar will be broadcasted on YouTube at

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