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Seychelles Present an Innovative Way to Deal with Climate Change




The tiny island nations are the ones who are prone to climate change. And its good news that Seychelles is following ways to tackle climate change. Every citizen wants to help, and the fishermen of the country are doing a great job. They are sacrificing a lot to help the environment.

Fishermen Daryl Green of Seychelles follow a unique plan of fishing that benefits the environment. He and some of his mates promised that they would abstain from fishing for six months in a year. This way they give the aquatic life some time to replenish. The six months that are off, are hard for them. Some of them go fishing into the deep sea and some of them follow carpentry to feed themselves. It is a huge sacrifice on the part of the fishermen who give up their livelihood to let nature heal.

Seychelles took a wise decision and swapped 5% of its national debt for a cash injection with the incentive to fight the effects of climate change on the ocean. In return all the nation had to do was to protect  30% of its national waters. 30% is a large area and its twice the size of the UK. It’s a great step by the small nation, it may be  daunting but the citizens are determined.

Protecting the waters is a grueling task given the country does not have a great navy at its disposal. So they take help from the air force. Both the navy and air force work hand in hand to protect 30% of the national waters.

Wallace Cosgrow, the Seychelles’ environment minister, is proud of his country. He wants Seychelles to lead and show the world that it can be done. The environment can be conserved.

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