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Scott Scheel: This Commercial Real Estate Mogul Sets the Stage So That Others Can Reach Success




Known as the nation’s leading investor, developer, and speaker in creative commercial real estate, J. Scott Scheel has been long recognized as a true mogul in the real estate industry. Although his success continues, he is now on a mission to help aspiring investors to enter the commercial real estate arena through Commercial Academy. 

Scheel is a renowned investor, developer, and speaker in commercial real estate. He has served the industry as an investor and developer for 25 years, and he has spoken, presented, and lectured on real estate for 17 years. Taking the industry by storm, his business interests include commercial real estate investment, development, and management, investment training and consulting, commercial finance, energy resources and transportation, publishing, medical research and development, feature-length motion picture production, and internet marketing. He is a two time recipient of the  Wall Street Journal’s Congressional Businessman of the Year award. He is most notable for owning and managing six million square feet of commercial real estate throughout the United States. Today, he is again in the limelight for taking on the role of an educator for future commercial real estate champions.

Through the courses at Commercial Academy, Scheel empowers others to achieve their goals of owning commercial real estate. The online educational service welcomes students from all walks of life, regardless of their background, race, gender, age, religion, or physical conditions as the commercial estate guru genuinely believes that anyone can accomplish all that he has accomplished throughout the years. “I have developed programs and assembled a complete team of professionals to empower anyone who wants this lifestyle and level of success and happiness,” he says. 

Scheel introduces his students to the fundamentals of commercial real estate and the most effective strategies he has defined and proven throughout his two decades in the industry. As a professional mentor, he guides aspiring investors and developers on what methods to use and when to apply these strategies. Ultimately, he strives to transform his students into exceptional commercial real estate professionals winning deals one day at a time.

Commercial Academy’s endeavors add the highest value to people without college degrees as well as those without the funds to kick-start their career.  Whereas Scheel had to learn all these the hard way when he first started in the industry, he now hopes to make it easier for others to change their lives and climb to the top of the commercial real estate chain. 

For years, J. Scott Scheel has witnessed the impact of commercial real estate investing and development on the world. Knowing that he alone has transformed many communities with his investments gives him immense pride and happiness.  And knowing that his educational services at Commercial Academy will create even more investors and developers like him fills him with hope for the future of our country. Speaking about the Commercial Academy, the real estate mentor says, “It exponentially compounded the number of communities and lives that we could transform across the country and around the world.”

Learn more about J. Scott Scheel and commercial real estate by visiting his official website

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