PushPress – A Digital Platform For The Fitness Industry

Despite going through a period of decline in the recent lockdowns due to the pandemic, the fitness industry is recovering and growing at an accelerated rate. The ability to bounce back from the lockdowns is due to the fact that people have been seeking to better themselves, both physically and mentally. This need is borne out of the fact that people have been stuck in their homes, and besides those who had access to a home gym, most people were left without an option in terms of fitness, and as a result, their physical and mental conditioning has taken a toll. 

This resurgence of popularity due to the rush of people trying to return to everyday life and getting back into a fitness routine has proven to be a blessing for the fitness industry on the whole. But at the same time, gyms and fitness centers are finding it hard to accommodate the steadily increasing influx of members has enabled. Many fitness centers are trying to offer services to a more than usually expected number of new members. This fresh new start has turned into a veritable nightmare for the industry as a whole. 

The fitness industry needs help managing their business better, so the businesses can focus on improving their services and introducing new options to members. And that is where PushPress as a platform offers an elegant solution for the fitness industry. PushPress offers fitness businesses gym management software to manage their operations better and maximize members’ benefits. 

PushPress was built to keep gym owners’ needs in mind. PushPress offers everything that a fitness business seeks to become a success story. The platform includes features like allowing gym owners to engage with their members and creating a schedule for the classes.

In addition to member management, PushPress enables fitness businesses to streamline all their business operations. Software management assists them in every aspect of their process – from managing expenses to ensuring profits – automating staff scheduling, member payments, and payroll processing. The streamlining of business operations allows extensive time-saving, further enabling the owners to focus on other essential tasks such as marketing, advertising, strategizing, auditing, surveying, and monitoring, among others. The software solution also provides a vast amount of data that enables businesses to make critical decisions easier.

PushPress allows fitness businesses to automate all administrative tasks, such as signing up new members, sending reminders to existing members, and canceling membership. As a result, the management software reduces the burden of overloaded administrative tasks enabling ease of handling business and allowing them to concentrate on growing their business. Thus, owners do not need to waste their time reminding each member individually to pay their bills, ultimately optimizing the process and reducing the occurrence of late payments.

PushPress was founded in 2011 by Dan Uyemura, and the platform has a mission to be the most trusted and easy-to-use gym management software for fitness business owners and managers. PushPress is designed to provide ease of use for every individual involved. The platform provides outstanding services in every feature offered. Starting PushPress was born from Dan Uyemura’s personal experience in 2008 when he joined a gym; this experience allowed him to step in the gym owners’ shoes and understand the challenges faced by gym owners. Unfortunately, the gym that Dan Uyemura joined had a management system that was too complicated for the managers and members, making for the worst customer experience he had ever experienced. He tried joining other gyms but soon realized that all the management platforms available in each gym were similarly complex and didn’t offer the gym businesses much ease in operating. All these unsavory experiences led Dan Uyemura to create a user-friendly platform that allows gym owners and managers to manage their gym businesses without any complexity.

PushPress is operated by people who know the industry’s ins and outs and understand the issues faced by fitness centers and gym owners. The platform is by the people who know the industry intimately and is built specifically for those involved in the industry. Today, PushPress has become the preferred choice for more than 2000 happy clients who use the platform to run their fitness businesses smoothly daily. With this gym management platform, fitness businesses can increase their revenue, get clarity on metrics, automate their processes, and offer an individualized experience to all their members. As a result, gym owners can build long-lasting relationships with their clients, ensure member retention, and get excellent reviews that will contribute to helping them grow their business.

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