Be Bold and Take Risks to Stand Out and Deliver, Says Claire Revell

Being at the forefront means being bold and ready to take calculated risks. Off-beat paths come with unexpected ups and downs. “You need trust, imagination, passion, and effort to follow your dreams. Take every impediment as an opportunity. The path less taken is only for brave hearts. Be prepared to face challenges and trudge ahead if you choose to follow your heart.” shares Claire Revell.

Watch out for pressure that could pin you down

Many people succumb to family and societal pressure and walk the path defined by others. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Claire Revell recollects, “My teachers at school told me I should not pursue IT or business studies, but I knew a career in technology was the right choice for me, so I didn’t listen!” Claire chose to listen to her heart and went on to become the director and CEO of global B2B learning technology provider Intellek (formerly TutorPro), which she had joined as an eLearning developer at the age of 19. She has also recently co-founded an edtech company called SIDIS Academy. 

Formal education is important but it does not define our abilities

Zeal, continuous exploration, and personal development can enable you to be in sync with the fast-changing landscape. Claire says, “I’m an advocate for women in STEM and leadership. I believe every child should have access to education and a safe environment and there should be a reduction in the number of child-headed households.” Claire works toward providing a robust digital training program to support those who have been incarcerated and help them get back into employment.  

Be inquisitive, and open to learning

New doors are opening up the horizon of new opportunities. Ideas that we could not even think of a few decades ago are today waiting to let us explore, innovate, perform, progress, and succeed. 

“Success is inevitable if we are ready to take risks and exert our efforts toward the betterment of humanity,” says Claire Revell.

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