Punch Associates Debt Consolidation Program is Not a Safe Choice for Customers

Punch Associates, a network of companies offering debt consolidation programs have been making people fall victim to its false business practices. These companies have been receiving poor customer reviews and poor customer ratings due to the failure of their debt consolidation programs to reduce the debt of customers. People are complaining against the company for their inability to help people in reducing their debt.

The network of new companies targets only people with poor credit scores in order to include them in their plans to make them benefitted from their debt consolidation programs. Punch Associates Legit is offering people an opportunity to end their debt by taking a debt consolidation loan at a low-interest rate. The companies approach people through direct mail campaigns by offering debt consolidation teaser rates which later get converted to expensive debt relief programs.

It claims to guide people on a path to end their high-interest rate debt with the help of its debt relief programs. It places people in a certain bracket depending on the qualifications to apply for a loan. But Punch Associates refers customers to an outside attorney to negotiate their debts and charge additional fees. It fails to offer optimal customer support and its sales team behaves in an aggressive manner with customers.

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