President Elect Joe Biden Reveals The Challenges Ahead

The United States of America is going through one of the worst phases of crisis ever. Where on the one hand the country is fighting a pandemic that shook the world in 2020, on the other hand it has to fight the hatred of Trump’s followers.

President elect has hinted at the plan ahead. Biden has cleared that the priority will be to fight against coronavirus. His crisis presidency began after Thursday evening where Biden urged the nation to mobilize behind the planned $1.9 trillion to end the pandemic and bring the economy back to its place.

In an appearance in Wilmington, Delaware he said this period is the most precarious period in the last 90 years for any new president.

The oath taking ceremony of the president is also under the radar of top notch security after an embarrassing event at the Capitol which led to the second impeachment of Donald Trump.

He said that this is a crisis which comes once in several generations. He was referring to both the economic and health crisis that the country is undergoing. He talked about the pain that humans are going through and also talked about the need of urgency in acting.

This speech is seen as an attempt to bring the attention of the citizens to the real issues and to divert attention from the hatred, uncertainty and unrest prevailing after the capitol incident. This speech can also be seen as a key element in starting the relief package at the earliest.

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