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It is no secret that the world today is under a lot of stress. With the constantly increasing pace of life, more and more people are finding themselves struggling to cope. This has led to a growing need for psychologists and other mental health professionals. In recent years, psychology has become one of the most popular fields of study, and there are now many different specializations within the field. Whether it is anxiety, depression, or some other form of mental illness, there is a psychologist out there who can help. And as our knowledge and understanding of mental health continue to expand, so makes the demand for these professionals. The contributions that psychologists are making to society and the world at large are pretty significant.

About Dr. Peter

Pete J. Economou, Ph.D., ABPP, is an associate professor and the director of the Master of Applied Psychology (MAP) and organizational psychology programs at Rutgers University, as well as the director of behavioral health and wellness for Rutgers Athletics. Dr. Peter has a counseling psychology background, is board certified in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with a focus on evidence-based and multicultural clinical interventions, and is a certified mental performance consultant (CMPC) through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). Dr. Peter is a licensed psychologist in both New Jersey and New York, and his research interests include multicultural psychology, third-wave CBT, and performance psychology. 

He is a member of several state and national psychology associations, has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Sports Psychology since 2014, and contributes to media outlets and social media. Finally, as a Zen Buddhist student, Dr. Peter has spent several years studying at the Morning Star Zendo with Robert Kennedy, Roshi, which has translated into his mindfulness practices offered through third-wave CBT theories.

Being a licensed psychologist in the state of New York and an assistant professor at Rutgers University, Dr. Peter is clinically known for his cognitive-behavioral therapies. Dr. Peter’s knowledge and experience in psychology have improved the lives of numerous patients, and he continues to do so. Dr. Peter utilizes evidence-based treatments, such as cognitive and behavioral therapies such as the ACT, DBT, and REBT, and a variety of techniques to assess and understand his patients and provide them with individualized treatment plans that may include therapy, medication, and other interventions.

He has been assisting patients in comprehending their thoughts, emotions, and actions. Additionally, he assists them in managing stress, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, Dr. Peter has helped couples improve their relationships and make positive life changes.

By employing cognitive-behavioral therapies in his clinical practices and employing contemporary mindfulness-based concepts and evidence-based behavioral tools, he is assisting patients in incorporating positive behavior change into their own lives.

Dr. Peter’s Contributions 

Peter Economou consults on psychology and performance issues with a number of universities and major professional sports leagues. He has written and spoken about race and multiculturalism, sports and performance psychology, mindfulness, and intimate partner violence. His works include the following:

The Book

Dr. Peter’s book, “Mindfulness Workbook for Beginners: Exercises and Meditations to Relieve Stress, Find Joy, and Cultivate Gratitude,” is published on Amazon. The book discusses how to reap the benefits of mindfulness practice through simple exercises and meditations.

Mindfulness can assist us in remaining present and cultivating greater positivity, compassion, gratitude, and calm. Begin your own mindfulness practice with the Mindfulness Workbook for Beginners, which contains detailed instructions, step-by-step meditations, and simple activities for beginners.

Readers can delve into topics such as being present at the moment, setting intentions, and spending time with their thoughts and feelings. Then, go deeper by learning to express gratitude, make room for joy, accept emotions, and feel compassion and empathy for oneself and others.

This mindfulness for beginners’ book includes:

  • An introduction to mindfulness: Find out what mindfulness is (and isn’t), its origins, its benefits, and more.
  • Getting Started: Learn the fundamentals of mindfulness practice: attentional breathing, awareness, insight, slowing down, and connecting with your values.
  • A variety of activities: Foster mindfulness with a variety of activities such as meditations, writing and drawing prompts, quizzes, body scans, yoga poses, and more.
  • Discover the path to more peace, positivity, and presence with this practical mindfulness workbook for beginners.


Dr. Peter has also conducted research on “Black Student-Athletes and racism pandemic: Building antiracist practices in athletics” along with his companions Tori Glascock and Alexander Gamble. The study was able to capture the essence of the lived experiences of Black student-athletes in the world of sports thanks to their participation in the study. On the basis of these findings, Dr. Peter and other authors proposed strategies to provide antiracist practices to enhance the experience for Black student-athletes and improve the well-being of athletes across groups, at all levels, and within a variety of settings. These strategies aim to enhance the experience for Black student-athletes.


Dr. Peter contributes to the podcast “When East Meets West,” which discusses contemporary approaches and methodologies in the field of psychology that interweave eastern spiritual practices and western behavioral science. Both Dr. Pete and his close friend and colleague, Dr. Rubin, are licensed psychologists who have a deep interest in modern behaviorism and mindfulness.

The Counseling And Wellness Center 

Peter J. Economou is the Director at The Counseling And Wellness Center, which provides strength-based counseling primarily from cognitive and behavioral therapies.

The Gist 

Dr. Peter is widely regarded as an authority figure within the field of psychology in the United States. He has been in practice for a significant number of years and has assisted a large number of people in making positive changes in their lives. As a well-known authority on the subject of human behavior, he has been featured in a wide variety of publications, including books and magazines. Dr. Peter is not only an engaging listener but also in demand as a lecturer. In addition, he is the creator of several effective programs that have assisted individuals in overcoming their obstacles and accomplishing their objectives.

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