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P. Kruise and Campana Strike “Real Gold” With Their New Release




2020 has been a tough time for all of us but ​P. Kruise​ has made it a little easier with his new release “Real Gold” featuring ​Campana​. Also titled, “World’s Gonna End”, it’s about how our world is coming to an end so we might as well enjoy our last moments here.

The song starts off with a smooth synth leading up to P. Kruise’s vocals coming in. Immediately met with beautiful harmonies, the beat also drops right away giving the listener an out of this world spacey experience. In the second verse, Campana comes in with a head bobbing flow matching P. Kruise’s energy perfectly. I could definitely see this song being added to everyone’s quarantine playlist.

P. Kruise is a fast rising talent from Seattle, WA and has really put his stamp on not only the music industry, but also the music community. He has recently started a gathering called “Leak Night” where he invites musicians from all over the city to let them share their unreleased work. This new innovation has really cemented P. Kruise to be a leader in his scene. While most artist’s tend to focus on themselves, P. Kruise sets out to build up the music community around him.

Also a civil rights activist, the artist has been present in supporting his community in the current BLM protests going on. P. Kruise has recently taken a hiatus from music to join the front lines of the movement. Until he comes back, you can listen to “Real Gold” aka, “Worlds Gonna End” here

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