Online Selling Scams – what they are and how to avoid them

Technology has grown over the years, and retailers’ fake websites can now be easily set up, which look genuine. With many of the store online offering luxurious items of electronics, clothing, and jewelry, the scammers will offer them attractive low prices. Even if you receive those items, they will be fake. In other scenarios, you will not receive anything at all.  Social media also promotes online selling, and opening up a phony store has become easy for the scammers to con people.

The mode of payment is always the biggest retail tip-off in scams. As found on our website, most scammers ask for payment through money cards that are pre-loaded money orders or wire transfers. The moment you pay for the item you have purchased, the scammers will go offline after receiving it. Some of the scam websites that scam warning detected are as follows:

  • 2SBest
  • Andy & Zoe
  • Annie Cloth
  • BelleMeet
  • Callbeau
  • Casspy
  • Bellizo
  • AreaLook
  • BerryLook

How can you protect yourself from online scammers?

As scam, we recommend that you should first check the social media page or website if it has a return policy or refund for the products which one can purchase. The guidelines also need to be fair enough to know if you experience any dispute or anything goes wrong; the situation can be handled well.

You need to find out the details about the retailer with who you are dealing with at the time. You can click here on our site to check the different methods of finding information about online companies. The process will help you in knowing how to handle a situation if it happens.

Normalize using a secure payment service. You can see how to secure payments look like; they start with the “https” URL, followed by a symbol of a padlock that’s closed or the payment provider. Also, confirm the currencies use; most scammers prefer bitcoin. You can click here to visit our site and see the coin scam, which has more information about online payments.

Have you been scammed?

If you are a victim of online scamming as a shopper, you need to try and make contact with the auction service or retailer. Some may have a legitimate reason why the problem occurred. If it doesn’t work, you need to inquire with the credit union or bank that you associated your payment with while making the purchase. You can report the scam also to the relevant people. You can also see how you can contact us to warn other people about the fraud disrupt and monitor it if possible. It will help if you include all the scammer details, for example, screenshots and emails. We will help spread the word to many people.

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