The Future of Clean Hair: m’Chel Haircare

We all know that living a healthy life is important. Eating healthy, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep are top priorities for our wellbeing. So why would we use harmful chemicals on our hair?

The majority of products on the market, including dry shampoos, are filled with harmful chemicals. Aerosol dry shampoos can cause dryness and hair loss, in addition to harming the scalp. This is not only dangerous to our bodies, but also the environment. m’Chel Haircare, an eco-friendly hair care line, is here to change that.

As Founder and CEO Michelle Kim explains, “Our ambitious goals to minimize personal impact on the environment led us to create a product that is recyclable, reusable and contains no chemicals.” The brand’s first product, Day After Brush, does just that.

The Day After Brush is a dry shampoo that contains no harmful chemicals and is designed to keep the scalp and hair healthy. It safely deodorizes, removes oil, and freshens the hair with ease. The design of a unique combination of bristles prevents the powder from directly going onto the scalp, eliminating itchiness and dryness found from other traditional dry shampoos. This dry shampoo is so effective that you can go the entire week without washing, and it will continue to absorb oil.

The Day After Brush is just the beginning for m’Chel Haircare. “We are setting a high bar for hair care products. We’re always searching through the latest innovations from labs, journals, and manufacturers,” Kim reveals.

The good news is that the importance of clean hair products is becoming more popular. As a society, we are becoming more aware of the ingredients in the products we use in our daily life. By investing in clean products, you are also investing in your health.

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