One Man’s Journey from Tennis Player to Real Estate Aficionado

The real estate industry is one of the most challenging industries to work in because of the continuous changes and fluctuations. Between economic downfalls, changes in supply and demand, public interest in investment properties, and even fluctuating interest rates, there are always new obstacles that skilled realtors must overcome by adapting.

While the industry is challenging, one man makes the process of working as a real estate agent look effortless. Aleksandr Pritsker, a former professional tennis player turned real estate aficionado, managed to achieve a greater level of success within seven years of working in the industry, something not everyone gets the opportunity to experience. He’s known as an agent with EXP REALTY, and the CEO and founder of Team Blackstar, who continuously ranks high on various real estate lists, including the Top 4 Ranked Team NJ, Top 10 Ranked NJ Realtor, and Top 3 Ranked Monmouth/Ocean County Agent. These are only a few of his many accomplishments.

With such success, many may wonder how Pritsker went from tennis to real estate. The answer is quite simple! “I’ve always loved tennis, but I’ve always loved beautiful homes, too. While I played tennis professionally, I started thinking more about real estate and decided it was a good time to give it a try. If you feel passionate about something, go for it. I’m glad that I decided to put effort into getting my license and working under a well-known broker to gain that much-needed experience,” shared Pritsker. “When I got started in the industry, I didn’t want to be your average real estate agent. I wanted to be a top real estate agent. I wanted people to know my name and think of me when they have real estate wants and needs. I’ve put my all into the work I do while making sure to surpass expectations. My clients know they can depend on me at any time of the day, whether it’s the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.”

Everyone has to start somewhere when getting into the real estate industry, and for Pritsker, it was as simple as working under a well-known broker and learning the ropes. As he worked with more clients and gained experience, he became more confident in himself. Now, he exudes confidence that his clients can easily detect from the minute they have their first conversation with him. “People choose to work with me because they know I’m there for them. I respond fast when they have questions or concerns that they want to go over with me. I’ve built my business through the word of referrals and social media, where I’ve managed to gain a large following on both Instagram and Facebook. I love interacting with people and gaining new clients from those incredible interactions,” said Pritsker.

While working with many residential clients, Pristker plans to provide additional real estate services within the commercial industry. Those who want to follow his journey and learn more about the approach he takes while working as an influential, top-rated realtor can check out the Bez Granitz footage that will be released in October. He hopes the footage leaves many feeling inspired enough to follow their dreams of getting into real estate.

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