Naudi Aguilar, Functional Patterns, and a Results-Driven Approach

Naudi Aguilar is the CEO and Founder of Functional Patterns, a multinational fitness brand focused on helping people rid themselves of chronic pain while becoming fit humans for life. 

Starting as a personal trainer in 2006, Naudi realized that most of his clients were dealing with daily pains and discomforts. While utilizing the traditional solutions to these aches and pains (stretching, massage, etc.), Naudi realized that, despite the short-term relief his clients got, people still tended to continue having the same pains every time they returned to the gym. 

These events pushed Naudi to think about our origins as humans, the movements that make us who we are, and the meaning of the answers regarding how we should exercise to have a healthy body. He wanted true long-term solutions for the aches and pains seemingly everyone was dealing with in the gym environment. 

These questions led Naudi to conclude that we needed to orient our training around the functions that we evolved to perform most as humans – standing, walking, running, and throwing. 

Fast-forward to now, and it’s apparent that Naudi is on to something. Through his methods, Naudi has not only helped people gain new levels of fitness but also has gotten them out of pain while helping them regain functions and movements they thought they’d never have again in their lifetime.

From the beginning, Naudi recognized that if he wanted to help people, he needed to showcase his methods’ before and after results. In a field saturated with different opinions and convincing marketing, Naudi chose to speak through his results.

When you look at the ‘Naudi Aguilar’ or ‘Functional Patterns’ Instagram pages, you will see results that are unlike any others in the fitness field.

 A few examples include drastic improvements in scoliosis and posture, recovery from chronic pain of various types, and more muscular builds in people of all circumstances. These results are, in fact, a very brief list of the problems solved by Naudi Aguilar and Functional Patterns practitioners worldwide.

These outcomes are achieved with a wide variety of humans, including young children, older adults (people in their 80s and 90s!), physically impaired, and even those with neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s and Cerebral Palsy.

Not only have Functional Patterns methods helped those facing physical limitations in their bodies, but FP has also driven the success of several professional athletes, including Dean Lister (UFC MMA), Jeremy Stephens (UFC MMA), Johnny Eblen (Bellator MMA, World Champion), and Kyle Dake (Wrestling, 4-time World Champion, Olympic Medalist).

While there are plenty of before and after results apart from Naudi’s approach showcasing improvements in muscle mass online, these solutions often come with pain and injuries that can’t be accounted for in other practices. Unfortunately, many individuals misguidedly accept these pains and injuries as an essential part of the process of getting fit. This untrue understanding leads to many people accepting physical pain as a normal consequence of working out.

Instead of the traditional “no pain, no gain” approach to fitness, Naudi has coined a new phrase, “Make gains without the pains,” to highlight that getting fit no longer has to come at the expense of your future well-being.

Naudi believes that the concept of needing to experience pain to become fit is no longer relevant and ends up being counterproductive as we age. In investing terms, Naudi says that investing in the “no pain, no gain” approach almost always leads to diminishing returns and a net loss over time.

By investing in learning more about how the movements of your body, you can achieve compound interest as you get older. The more you seek to understand how your body moves and learn to use the right tools to do so, the stronger and more resilient your body has the potential to be.

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