Musician T10 is Planning A Mentorship Programme

This time of the pandemic has been extremely hard for everyone across the globe. One of the ways that people have been coping with this stress is music. Across the globe, musicians have produced amazing work despite the Pandemic. These include both trained and untrained musicians who have uploaded their content over the internet.

Musician Tyron Tennessee, Popularly known as T10, believes there is a need for mentorship as that makes the job easier for a newcomer. T10 believes that this guidance can lead to both success and happiness. On this premise, T10 wishes to start a Youth Mentorship program.

To materialize this project T10 has thought of an entire art centre. This centre would cater to holistic needs of musicians. This center would have both individual and group sessions.

T10 has been a focused artist himself. He likes to be alone when making music. The artist feels that this alone time helps him to focus only on music and be away from other distractions.

Even in the studio, T10 doesn’t like anyone’s presence apart from his manager and the engineer. While recording only these are the people who are allowed in the studio.

The artist believes that every musician should have such a regime which includes a ‘Me time’. This solitude can do wonders in creating new work. Referring to Lockdown, the artist said the world got an opportunity to access that solitude and be more connected with themselves.

Being in lockdown has been a challenge for T10 much like everybody else. But now the artist is excited about his upcoming work which keeps him alive and happy.

Instagram: @t10musicalartist

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